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    Originally posted by heidi32 View Post
    First time on the Alter G today! It was great! I'll be back again
    I'm envious! Please tell more about it. Did it take a long process to get into it, hard to use, what did it feel like etc.


      I was on a model that was four to five years old. I started by putting on these huge shorts (XXL) and shuffling over to the machine, which in my opinion, was really high. The newer model looks to sit lower to the ground. After you’re settled into the hole, bars are lifted to your height and the shorts are zipped into the machine.

      I agree with hlh, you can't escape the perfect posture and it felt good to stand straight. Every bit of pain I usually feel when I walked disappeared in the hips, knees, and ankles and I was able to move around 50% unweighing at 2.5 pace. I did move the machine down to 20% and it's just this incredibly light airy feeling I can't describe. It felt so good not to have to hold onto ANYTHING when I was walking, just to go and jam out to some music, but there are bars there if needed/wanted. The therapist assured me there was no way to fall on the machine so I felt secure. I was able to walk 1.15miles in an half an hour, but my butt is sore today! I guess that's a good thing! Thanks grommet for posting this, I would have never known this was out there in the world


        We are still using the AlterG. It is great, and for the first time ever last week my father broke a sweat using it. Normally, his pain/leg/back fatigue always limits his crutch walking and in the AlterG he can get an incredible cardiovascular work out, as well as improve his gait.

        He was in there for about 45 minutes total. We have learned it is a great place to do "standing exercises", which are usually part of his warm up. Squats, marching, swinging legs. Then for us there is a warm up of walking to his current level of 20 minutes at 2.5 mph using 65% of his own body weight (35% unweighted). Such great posture, and no pain. Really a tough work out.

        Then we have learned it is important to do a cool down on the machine. For weeks the student running the AlterG was stopping him too abruptly and he had bad back pain right after he got off the machine. It helps us to shift down to a lower speed to cool down (eg. 2 mph for 10 minutes) and then step down further over a couple of minutes. Then SLOWLY return the unweighting to normal (over a minute or two... not over 3 seconds!). If they quickly return to normal, it's like your spine suddenly loses all of its support, and the vertebrae just collapse on top of each other and crumble.... ouch! So if you leave the AlterG with back pain, they might not be cooling you down correctly. Ask the tech to read the manufacturer's recommendations for neurologic patients.

        If you leave the machine with leg/butt pain and ache, then that is "normal" and you gave those muscles a good walking work out!

        When using this machine, I have learned from one expert that the goal is to have the best posture possible with the best stride, and to choose the amount of unweighting to meet that goal. As you use it more and more and increase your endurance, increase the speed and increase the time on the machine. If you can ultimately decrease the amount of unweighting, that is good, but don't do that at the expense of good form.

        My Dad's goal still is to trying running. Not sure if he'll get there....


          I actually saw one of these things at therapy very hi tech looking
          ACDF C5/C6, C6/C7 9/2011& Central Cord Syndrome