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circulation issues in full time wheelchair users

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    circulation issues in full time wheelchair users

    what can I do to help my circulation of legs and prevent really bad varicose veins?

    My veins are closer to surface (like tiny spider veins not thick ones) worse on left leg than right and everytime I go on passive trainer for more than few days in a row the back of my left leg swells and more recently I've noticed I get purple blotches that look like bruises.

    I only noticed them as I knew I hadn't fallen on that side to get purple bruises like that (was 5 of them at the time) when swelling went down they vanished. I wondered if maybe I had knocked it and not relaised but it happened again as I was using passive trainer alot to try and get under 10st before end of January.

    I've lost 34lbs total so I'm only about 10lbs off my goal now but I'm having to stop after a few days, rest to get swelling down then get another 3-4 intense days of cardio in to burn bit more fat off, then rest another 3-4 days.. or if I ignore it as long as possible.. I eventually get constant pains in legs if I don't give legs a break from bike and end up having to take 1-2 weeks off from it.

    I'm wondering if its circulation issues? I have been in wheelchair about 6 years full time and only started this intensity of exercise last June. I'm also 42 now and going through the peri-menopause with erratic monthly cycles and hormones up and down and all over the place!

    Sometimes taking water pills for a few days seem to help so I wasn't sure if it as just water from muscles repairing, anti-histamine will help it go back down so wasn't sure if it was an allergic reaction, but if I'd eaten anything I was allergic to my lips swell usually and they haven't.

    Someone suggested could it be circulation thing from been sat in a wheelchair all day usually then suddenly my legs are getting vigorous exercise on the passive trainer?


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    Hi Kati, I'm not sure what the swelling and bruising is about. However, exercise has got to be a good thing for you. Do you have a physio you could ask about this?

    I commend you on your efforts to get in shape. 34 pounds is a great accomplishment and I'm sure you feel better. Good luck with the remaining 10!