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Options for knee locks

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    Options for knee locks

    I am learning to walk with an RGO (might as well assume the question applies to KAFOs ) The unit uses drop locks on the knees which require that the knees be locked before I stand and remain locked when I am returning to a seating position. Both of these but especially the act of sitting down is awkward. In an ideal world I would be able to unlock the knees into a mode which would not swing loose but allow slow bending so my legs are not hels rigid as I am getting down.
    In an evem more ideal world I might be able to lock the knees after I am up although that might require strength I do not have to straighten the knee.
    Is anyone aware of options in Knee locks??

    I used a lock similar to what Mr. Coffee used. Not sure what its called technically, but I called it a "trigger" lock. I had an Ortho weld an extended finger pull to the outside spring lock on the brace. That way I could raise the lock, and bend the knee to sit down. The brace was on the outside of my pants. The inside lock I cut off, and jus used the outside knee joint lock. Makes using the brace more friendly and practical. I no longer use this brace. The bad thing in using the extended rig is that it got caught sometimes when getting in and out of the truck, or snag on things when you're not paying attention.

    On my new braces, I removed both locks. It makes for some hairy situations, but am able to wear the brace insde the pants.