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cardio sugestion?

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  • cardio sugestion?

    im a c 5/6 incomplete with damage to my left arm. I am in need of a cardio workout. I am taking swimming lessons right now to try and get my technique up so that i can increase my heart rate. The lessons are going well but its sometimes hard to get to the pool (caregivers) so I need something a bit easier to get to. The hand bike is a bit of a problem as well, with the damage to my arm, one arm is longer then the other. Any suggestions?

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    Can you cycle on a recumbant bike?


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      Try to find a Vitaglide. It has a connected opposing dtroke.So, as you pull one side down, the other goes up. It's beneficial for those with limited arm movement. Works the cardio and lower core bigtime. FPF is right on as to using a upper arm or body ergometer. Krankcycle or SCIfit are great as is a handcycle.


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        If you're incomplete enough to have good hip flexion and hip extension then I would always recommend getting your cardio workout via your legs. They are larger muscles and therefore will work the heart harder and it will spare your all important shoulders and arms for other important day-to-day stuff.

        These recumbant bikes are quite good:

        The passive/active functionality make them quite good for all ranges of injury.