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Calories burned with muscle spasms

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  • Calories burned with muscle spasms


    I've been doing really well with exercising now I have a passive trainer bike I've managed 6 days in a row and burned about 700-800 first few days and yesterday and day before I managed a 1,000 calorie burn.

    Today my muscles were stiff maybe I should have had a rest day but got under hot water in shower to relax muscles then went ahead anyway.

    i managed the session but just as I finished my legs went into spasms and wouldn't stop shaking for 10 mins.

    I need to know how many extra calories this would have burned so I know how much to increase food by and whether I should skip my last two sessions of half an hour on bike later today?

    At minute I'm laid on bed with hit water bottles under my calfs and wheat wraps over my knees to try and ease the pain and try to relax them before my next session.

    Would I have burned about 250-300 in 10 mins of muscle spasms? If so I will skip one session on bike.


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    There's an old joke: Doc it hurts when I do this. Doc: Don't do that.
    Back off a little for a day or two. Let your body relax and catch up to what your brain wants. The object is to make yourself better not worse.


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      nice joke, but doesn't tell me how many I would have burned when my legs wouldn't stop shaking.

      I thought it would be something that happened often to people with new SCI's, as I saw it on TV program but they didn't say how many calories he burned whilst it was happening.

      Anyone know?


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        I think it would be almost impossible to figure out. Because of the different possibilities of spasming muscles. There would be a big difference in quads spasming and ankle flexures. If its continuous or intermittent. The muscles could even be going anaerobic and burning very little calories.
        You might monitor your pulse while you're spasming and compare it to your exercise routine. You might get a guess at it like that.
        Maybe some grad student in kinesiology would like to do a paper on it. Med students are always looking for grants.


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          Do you sweat at all when you had spasms for 10 minutes?
          Never Give Up!


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            Originally posted by Katilea View Post

            Would I have burned about 250-300 in 10 mins of muscle spasms? If so I will skip one session on bike.


            No Way. If they did then I'd be nothing but a skeleton as on top of a full-time metalwork job filing & bending steel, 6-8hrs of offroad handcycling a week, kayaking upstream in the Grand Canyon for days at a time at least once a month and keeping a fruit tree farm running on top of my buisness and other home I also dance like a puppet for hours at a time (record for violent leg spasms = 44hrs)

            Don't over do it, but at the same time don't be TOO easy on yourself.
            Tough love, I know.........
            Steve Garro.


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              Leg leg spasm calories burned is negligable and pretty much a non factor if your trying to tie it into a diet. Best way to keep lean is smaller portions of food and the right food, exercise does play into it, but it's like 90 percent diet 10 percent exercise to maintain weight control. I use to wonder when I rode the handcycle 30 miles a day why I was not losing more weight, it was because my diet was not good at the time.
              "Life is about how you
              respond to not only the
              challenges you're dealt but
              the challenges you seek...If
              you have no goals, no
              mountains to climb, your
              soul dies".~Liz Fordred


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                I was just trying to figure it out and whether it needed to go in my exercise log and whether I should eat extra to cover them when they do happen.

                I was sweating at that time from the exercise I had just done, unless they happen again out of the blue when I wasn't exercising I don't know about that.

                Its now happened several times in a row and had to have a rest day cos my leg was swollen at back of left thigh when I got undressed yesterday after quite an intense session.

                Problem is it doesn't hurt at time on the bike cos its pedalling for me it doesn't feel like exercise or hurt until later so gonna have to work out what is best amount of time to do it for.. maybe not over 1 hour (2 x 30 mins sessions a day)

                I wondered if it would burn around same amount of calories as shivering? My entire leg was shaking some times it has been one leg and others both have done it.