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  • Need advice on diet

    I recently started with a trainer. He said I should start eating about 3000 calories a day, high in protein. I know zero on lifting and building muscle. He recommended fish, chicken, and red meat. I think I probably eat more than 3000 cals. a day. I seem to have a high metabolism, i eat healthy but have been know the gobble down two Wendy's triple cheese burgers or a couple
    Hardee's Monsters. I weigh 142#
    Doe's anyone have any advice on a meal plan? Thanks
    Just because i can eat a whole chicken, should I?
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    Hi "lonecoaster,"

    I think we need to start at the beginning. What is your level of injury? Your ability to participate in a training program and achieve the goals you have in mind depend greatly on your classification of injury and abilities.

    Personally, I don't think any (disabled or not) 45 year old man should begin packing in 3000 calories a day unless he is training in a sport at an elite athlete level. You may have been lucky in your past, having a high metabolism and eating what you please, but usually that luck does not last forever. Maintaining a healthy weight as a wheelchair user can become a major struggle.

    Start with a basic Body Mass Index (BMI) calculation to find out the number of calories you need to eat. From there design a diet that is varied and well rounded including chicken, fish, some lean red meats, eggs, dairy, fruit, vegetables, and whole grains. Discuss goals, objectives and your personal capabilities with your trainer. Try to determine if he understands the limitations you might face because of your level of injury. Does your trainer have experience in training a person with your type of injury. Begin your training program, but keep in mind that that there is a difference between building strength and injuring and blowing out your shoulders.

    I applaud your decision to eat better and get fit and I hope you have great success and enjoy the process of achieving reasonable goals.

    All the best,


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      I agree with GJ - 3000 sounds excessive. Also, make your diet varied in all food groups while keeping it healthy. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes are all very important for vitamins and nutrients. They also actually provide a fair amount of protein. There has been a fair amount of research published about the troubles of high protein diets in the long term.
      142lbs is pretty trim, so I understand you don't want to lose weight as you start working out more. So if you notice that you are losing weight and need to increase your caloric intake, I would do so with all food groups, not just protein. Eat peanut butter on whole wheat bread. Add avocado to your turkey sandwich. Try a shrimp and veggie stir fry over brown rice and add cashews.
      Congrats on starting a workout regimen!!
      Disclaimer: Answers, suggestions, and/or comments do not constitute medical advice expressed or implied. Please consult your attending physician for medical advise and treatment. In the event of a medical emergency please call 911.


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        Hi gjnl,

        I have Cauda Equina. I'm just over a year post-op, and as far as SCI injury's go I'm one of the lucky ones. I have bowel and bladder issues and walk with AFO's. My screen name was lonecoaster way before my injury. (lone) I was single for many years, and (coaster) is a lake run brooktrout. I never thought about it when i signed up here. My P.T. has talked to this trainer, and he seems to know what he's doing.
        It's more of a sport injury rehab, than a gym. He did do the (BMI), that was when he told me i needed more calories. He also said he could put 10# of muscle on me in three months, should be interesting. I believe the goal is to strengthen my core, upper back and my thighs so i can remain upright longer. Thank you for your concern and warning, I'm still learning my limits. Mark


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          Thanks scitotalfitness. I'll give the avocado turkey a try, sounds tasty.


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            I thought someone here must have been where I am now. I thought someone might have a meal plan for building muscle, and save me some time and research. No big deal because I will figure it out. I understand now why some incompletes feel like red headed step children.


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     has all the info you need.


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                Very good, thank you.


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                  u need protein to build muscle...especially take in protein after your workout......u need carbs also, but not starches/sugars which turn to fat....

                  breakfast--- oatmeal,banana,blueberries/ water.(DONT get the flavored oatmeal thats in the little packs!)..get quaker quick- 1 minute, its in 10 inch high oval tub..add water/microwave 40 sec....eggs are good too, just not everyday

                  lunches --- u can go with tuna(solid white in water).i drain and mix it into brown rice , nothing added ..turkey breast(cold cut)...chicken breast(grilled) ..... for sides...any veggies...water

                  for my lunches---tuna in brown rice(no mayo)/water..
                  --chickenbreast/steamed asparagus/whole wheat pita/water

                  dinners...i eat fish(tilapia or salmon).....chicken breast grilled.....steak....lean hamburger grilled(no bun)...pasta..

                  --tilapia/brown rice/broccoli /water
                  --chicken breast/asparagus/pita/water
                  ---steak/sweet potatoe/corn on thecob
                  ---hamburger(from lean ground beef) no bun/cut up..asparagus/sweet potatoe /water
                  --- pasta(switch between whole wheat pasta /reg )..pita/water

                  u need to not eat white carbs(starches).......dont eat white rice ,white potatoes, white brown rice, sweet potatoes, whole wheat bread

                  best veggies are..broccoli, asparagus

                  pre workout- i eat a peanut butter jelly sandwich..
                  snacks would be like some pretzels..some almonds(good for energy) cakes/cookies....

                  these will keep u from gaining fat weight... its ok to cheat but if u stay with theses types for the most part, u can build lean muscle.....workout hard/ take in protein right after ur workout(eat a chicken breast/ or find a protein shake(myoplex has a good one, the original(powder in packets, mix with water...and they never bothered my stomach).....

                  hit me up with any questions
                  - Rolling Thru Life -


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                    Thank you for taking the time. That was awesome


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                      Originally posted by roc21 View Post
                      or find a protein shake(myoplex has a good one, the original(powder in packets, mix with water...and they never bothered my stomach).....

                      Have you seen this? Myoplex and Muscle Milk had the highest levels of arsenic and cadmium they tested.

                      I personally use Optimum Nutrition, both the whey and casein formulas. They tested well below the daily allowance for arsenic and cadmium.