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What do people use as training tools/logs for their sports?

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  • What do people use as training tools/logs for their sports?

    Tools I used on todays handcycle ride.

    First log entry with my Iphone app - Cyclemeter Cycle (Road)

    Route: Home to the hospital and back
    Activity: Cycle
    Started: Aug 14, 2011 1:54:15 PM
    Ride Time: 2:39:57
    Stopped Time: 18:10 (food & drink at turn around)
    Distance: 28.17 miles
    Average Speed: 10.57 miles/h
    Fastest Speed: 24.55 miles/h
    Ascent: 738 feet
    Descent: 860 feet
    Calories: 1238

    ================================================== =====

    Polar heart rate monitor
    1977 - C5 ambulating Quad

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    That's a great app. Jett. Was going to ask you if it had a heart rate monitor. Is the h/r monitor part of the app or do you wear a seperate device. Do you still have to wear the monitor belt around the chest?

    So do you click a button on the Iphone to start or how does it work?


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      Never tried that one, but I personally use Endomondo to track my workouts. The free version is great and has everything you need


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        When I purchased the bike I added a Cateye w/ cadence. I heavy rely on the the cadence function.
        Two years ago I bought the Polar FT-40 wrist watch which uses the chest strap.
        I added the smartphone app this morning. It was five dollars so, it seemed like a reasonable risk.
        Is mainly a tool for cycling, running & nordic skiing etc..
        A person needs to input some basic info then it’s basically a start/stop process.
        I am still learning what it does but, with the GPS functions its interesting.
        There is quite a bit of over lap but, the overlapping output from the different device seems close.
        All of these technical gadgets are progressing so quickly it’s hard to keep up.
        There is probably one device out there now that will do it all, if you have a big checkbook!
        1977 - C5 ambulating Quad


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          I hear ya J. Cadence is a function that is mostly overlooked. Most of us think we are spinning faster than we actually are.

          I have the Blackburn Delphi 5.0. Along with the normal functions, it also has cadence and heart rate. It was around 100.00. Their 6.0 has more functions.

          I just put on some Q rings so am going back to using my cadence counter and h/r monitor to ensure I'm working in the right zone.

          Having a visual of the workouts really helps with keeping the motivation going and see how far we've come. Thanks for the reminder to keep a log.


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            The 'what exercise did you do today" thread!
            Steve Garro.


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              How did you hook up the cadence counter to the cranks? I haven't really checked on this bike yet so thought I would ask here before I do.


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                I use It was designed for runners, but it will let you customize your activities. I have mine setup to track swimming, handcycling, Racing Wheelchair, Weight Lifting. It let you run reports on your weekly/monthly totals, and create a lot of cool graphs and stuff too. They also have an app for Iphone and Android, but I don't have a smart phone, I just manually update my log.

                A couple of my handcycling buddies use Garmin 500 and upload to traningpeaks, it is very similiar interface. Both sites are really good.

                Oh and I use a Bontrader Node 2 cycling computer with Heart Rate and Cadence sensor for metrics. I have also used Garmin, both are nice. Garmin requires charging every 3 or so days. Node cycling computer requires battery changed every 6 months or so.
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                  Originally posted by Patrick Madsen View Post
                  How did you hook up the cadence counter to the cranks? I haven't really checked on this bike yet so thought I would ask here before I do.

                  I had to make a special mount for mine. I mounted the sensor on the tube that holds the BB. Then I glued the magnet to the crank.


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                    yeah that's the ticket, glue. Thanks JH.


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                      I attached some photos of how I attached my bike computer sensors on my LC-1.

                      Thanks guys for the input on the smartphone apps. I need to study up on these.
                      1977 - C5 ambulating Quad


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                        I use on my iphone. You can set it for various activities including use with a wheelchair. Mine is mostly used with my freedomryder handcycle. You can post it online and share with anyone. It even generates a map of the ride with elevations and other metrics. I use it to track my weekly mileage and it generates neat reports....that can help motivate. Best of all it's a free iphone app. Of course, if I'm lazy I can just turn it off and have fun.
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