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anyone got a passive trainer cycle?

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  • anyone got a passive trainer cycle?


    Anyone on here got a passive trainer cycle? Are they worth the money?


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    wrong answer sorry


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      I can't see any other answer there except for 'wrong answer sorry'!


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        oh its shown up in my email but not on here... weird!

        Would I be able to burn off about 200 calories in half an hour or something on one of these?


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          Originally posted by Katilea View Post
          oh its shown up in my email but not on here... weird!

          Would I be able to burn off about 200 calories in half an hour or something on one of these?
          I don't know for sure but 200 calories is a lot to burn off.
          How much function do you have?
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            I thought I could maybe do 15 mins twice a day if the machine was moving my legs for me. I can move my limbs but my movements are very jerky.

            I can make a manual set of pedals move around but very slowly and jerky. I thought with passive trainer if it was moving legs for me fluently I can go faster for longer and burn more calories.


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              i use a nustep for 45 minutes and burn only about 150-180 calories, that's moving arms AND legs.


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                I don't think it is worth the money if you think of the same bike as me for burning calories.
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                  I can't use a regular bike though and can't move fast enough to burn calories with my own movements. Thought with passive trainer moving legs for me I could put speed up and burn off calories faster. Thought I might burn 100 calories in 15-20 mins session then do another session later on.


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                    I got my able bodied friend to try regular manual pedals with the wii fit jogging to see if she could make the character move by pedalling instead of jogging.

                    She strapped wii remote to her leg and it worked she got 99 calories and 15 mins, which she said is higher than she gets when doing it jogging. so if I combined that with some of the other exercises I can do on there I might be able to get to about 100-150 calories in a 30-45 min session?

                    I thought the passive trainer may enable me to be able to pedal properly and quicker and get the same results on that game.


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                      This is the one I have:


                      It does have a calorie counter on it, along with other counters/meters, though I've never used the meter. IMO it's pretty well built for $100, better than I expected. I can't move my legs at all, this does a good job for me. The variable speed is nice as well though I' d prefer a bit more speed on high. Anyway, for $100 it's worth a look.......


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                        I don't think that model is available in UK but it looks good, won't ship to UK and its not available on Amazon UK.

                        Nearest one I can find to the Oxycycle which seems to be only one available to UK for under £200 is this one:


                        Cheapest I can find it for is £153 over here, other models I've asked about have been withdrawn and only other one with pedals only is the Therafit ones at £625!

                        Just wondered if anyone who had one knew how many calories they burned whilst they were using it.


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                          I managed to find one for £138 from British Mobility.

                          My friend also found by strapping the wii remote to her leg on her stationary bike she could make the character move on wii fit jog and actually burned more calories than she did jogging! It tells you on there.. so I'll have a go on that when mine arrives!!

                          It showed she had burned 99 calories in 15 mins.. not sure I'll be able to go that fast (hers is a regular exercise bike and she's not physically disabled), or how fast the passive training part will move my legs for me, but I think it will make it more fun if I can use it with Wii Fit!

                          I have done many Mii characters as favourite celebrities.. lol so can go for a leisurely jog round the island with Robbie Williams!!


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                            I've got MS. Legs are so spastic that I can barely move them. I can walk with a walker, but very, very slowly...sometimes I have to walk backwards so that I drag my less cooperative leg acros the floor.

                            I do have a passive pedal machine. I'm not worried about losing weight, but I do use the thing for as much as a hour every night. Usually, afterwards I can walk a little better.


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                              Glad it helps. I can do some exercises on Wii fit. my problem is I move so slowly and unco-ordinated on my own thst I don't really burn any calories. The stretches do help with muscle tightness though and keeping my range of motion.

                              I figured if the bike was pedalling for me I'd get round the issue of slow jerky voluntary control. it hasn't arrived yet, hopefully next week. so keeping fingers crossed!