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    Originally posted by Handsome Wheeler View Post
    I have a home health PT who does not understand my reluctance to slide ischim over transfer board while I'm recovering from 6 mos on wound vac.He says people have fat around ischial bone. I'm suspending therapy until I'm strong enough to transfer 12" w/o hitting butt on w/c tire.Don't need PT for w/c push ups.He does not understand the unique differences in paraplegics and his home health patients.
    Yes, yours is a common problem. That is why we need a good a around here who does have experience with SCIs like the OTs and nurses.
    You will find a guide to preserving shoulder function @

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      I would also be glad to answer question. PM would work great. I usually check in most mornings for a few minutes and weekends to post research updates. I have recommended this site to numerous PT colleagues. I'm not sure why they do not participate. I can tell you that if the PT does not specialize in SCI your answer regarding exercise will be generic at best.

      “As the cast of villains in SCI is vast and collaborative, so too must be the chorus of hero's that rise to meet them” Ramer et al 2005


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        Handsome Wheeler - you are correct to be very cautious about using a slideboard. I'm glad you're sticking to your reaction to not slide your ischials across. After being injured, the muscle atrophies and the fat disperses, and your ischials are not protected.

        That being said, you can use the board to help you transfer while you are getting stronger and preventing that "wheel bump." You can position the board more under your thighs - the meaty part of your leg, and use it to hop across. So if you can't do a depression lift all the way over, you can try to make it in 2-3 hops. This is more difficult the more bucket you have in your chair, but watching your skin - especially after a sore! is your goal. Hope that helps a bit. And there are many exercises you can do in your chair to get stronger besides WC push ups...

        Lizbv - I hope I am! I try to be

        You are all correct - spinal injury is a unique diagnosis, and unfortunately most therapists do not know how to work with your population. There is minimal education given in school just because there is so much we have to learn about - as I'm sure you understand, SCI is something you just have to see. Then the real education comes from experience.
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