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Children's First Handcycle

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    Children's First Handcycle

    I am looking to purchase a hand cycle for my 7 year old son and was hoping to receive some advice/suggestions on what type of hand cycle would be good for him to start out on. Thank you.

    He's going to love it KTZZ. Probably the Xlt jr. or excellarator jr.

    Scot Pellet at would have some great advice and possibly a few slightly used bikes.
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    Welcome to the Forum.


      Patrick's beaten me to it...and I agree with his recommendation.

      Have a read through here:

      As mentioned in the thread, Dave Lee was the one I dealt with at Bike-On, and he was very helpful.

      I spent a lot of time trying to find a suitable bike/handcycle for my son, and discovered that I always ended up at Bike-On...glad I found them!

      My son is now 7 and still enjoying handcycling. Having now tried it myself, it's tough going uphills, so he will need a hand a times...!

      Best of luck.

      Gordon, father of son who became t6 paraplegic at the age of 4 in 2007 as a result of surgery to remove a spinal tumour.


        Sorry Gordy lol. I'm sure Gordy will be a big help also KT.


          You may want to consider mountain drive if they make it available on the jr bikes. It would take some instruction for a kid to use mtn drive because you can't pedal while shifting into or out of mtn drive. All 7 of the mtn drive gears are easier than the easiest regular gear. I also think the coaster brakes on the jr bikes are better for kids.


            Thank you all for your advice. I am thinking I will purchase the excellarator xlt jr? My son does not have a real strong upper body so I'm hoping this will be a good one to start on.


              Good choice KT. This will really build his uppder body strength and cardio.

              I've been riding for over 35 years and feel it is one of the best lifestyle choices I made.

              The mirror and flag you can get at a local bike shop. You might inquire to see if they have any used XLT Jr.. I know he had some not too long ago.


                We use a stricker handcycle attachment with our daughter (also 7) and T1 and another child here in Ireland has it . THey are made in Germany but looks like you have other options there in the US. THis was the best we could find in Europe-didnt search US providers. Goodluck and enjoy!