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wheeling backwards

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    wheeling backwards

    Can anyone tell me which muscles are used when wheeling backwards? I have a good idea as I know all the muscles of the upper/middle back and shoulders.

    Pecs and anterior deltoids are very strong and too tight. Posterior muscles are loose and weak resulting in neck/shoulder issues and rounded shoulders. I stretch. Can't do shoulder rows with bands or free weights right now because they flare myofascial trigger points. The backwards wheeling doesn't flare things up like other exercises with theraband. Want to get back to rows and other exercises, but will hold off. I know what I need to build and stretch.

    Actually most exercises are flaring pain so need some ways to build back/shoulders w/o a ton of resistance...for now.
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    wheeling backwards?- if u mean rolling your manual backwards- your reaching forward, and pulling . its kinda like a row, but not as extended, its a shorter movement, so id say that rear delts are primary, then lats, but doesnt feel like to much lats..u need more of a reach to hit lats...and to engage rhomboids(muscle along spine between shoulder blades and connects up to traps) u would have to pull farther back squeezing shoulder blades back/ together
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      I'm not sure how you push on the wheels when you push backwards, as it will depend on arm function and ability to grasp - for example, I can't reach forward and pull, so when I push wheels backwards, I have to twist arms (supinate) and push against just the back portion of the tires with the heel of the hands, which gives me a very short reach and push.

      For what I think you are talking about, I don't think the wheeling backward thing is of much benefit, except for posterior delts and triceps, but you'll need to give more details.

      Like roc21 said, think of squeezing shoulder blades back and together. A few things I can think for you to do immediately to strengthen the muscles around the scapula with little or no added resistance, are:
      butterfly on your stomach
      - chest on lap in chair or laying flat on bed. 1) squeezing shoulders back w/elbows bent, palms facing down/forearms parallel to floor, and 2) arms straight down and lift/bend elbows up/back

      pull-back with therabands - arms pull straight back and cross front, or if using chair to secure band, secure on opposite side (armrest or push handles) and wrap around wrist or elbow, depending on motion

      pull-down w/therabands - secure bands above head and pull down.
      Always keep shoulders down and posture straight when doing these. Scrunching shoulders shorten and tighten traps, which adds to the strain and pain. Keeping body in alignment and completing the motions correctly and keeping it controlled throughout is more important than just doing the motion and getting through it.

      Be always conscious of how you are sitting in your wheelchair. Posture effects back, neck and shoulders alot.