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Basic weight shift games for Wii Balance Board

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  • Basic weight shift games for Wii Balance Board


    I'm looking for new Wii games as family/friends are asking cos my birthday is coming up.

    I have Wii Fit and Wii Fit plus. I've tried a few other fitness games but most of them are too physical for what I can manage.

    I like Wii Fit as it only does exercise/game for short time then can sit down again.

    I can manage to stand and currently using the Sensory balance belt to help me keep balance better, however I still need to hold on (to walking frame around balance board) with both hands.

    I can do things like the basic ski slalom on wii fit, where once you set off you only need to lean left or right and don't need to hold the controller. Some games I can manage from sitting on board when need to hold controller like Tilt City and the Big Top juggling.

    I have the marbles balance challenge which also works cos you don't have to complete course in a limited time (like you do on Super Monkey Ball), so can sit down and pause when needed.

    Anyone know of any other games that would work in a similar way for me? I prefer short mini games and if half or more could be adapted on a disc with several mini games?

    Anything that requires quick reactions and to be done within a certain amount of time would be difficult due to co-ordination difficulties.