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Project walk is coming to australia!

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  • Project walk is coming to australia!

    Project Walk TM ~ Licence secured for Project Walk TM Melbourne

    “Using Exercise to Move Science” in Melbourne, PWUSA
    Three young quadriplegics Rhiannon Tracey, Josh Wood & Irwin Vale have secured the exclusive licensing rights from Project Walk TM, a spinal cord injury recovery centre in the USA, to establish the first Project Walk TMFacility in Melbourne, Australia.
    Rhiannon, Josh & Irwin, are 3 young Australians who in the prime of their young lives became quadriplegics through accidents.
    They are actively involved in the promotion and establishment of this world-class “one-stop-shop” facility to be opened in Melbourne; unlike any other in Australia.
    Experience is everything and spinal cord injury is the loneliest injury one can suffer as no two injuries are alike, so for a facility such as Project Walk TM, it is critical for it to be founded and run by people that live and breathe this injury and who have a raw and pure passion for helping the spinal cord injury community in Australia.
    The empathy and understanding that Rhiannon, Josh, Irwin and their families bring to Project Walk TM Melbourne will set it up as a real alternative to traditional rehabilitation models and the minimal emphasis that is put on recovery through the public health care system.
    All three were told by doctors in Melbourne, that they would never walk again, and all three have proved them wrong by achieving the so-called impossible.
    The Project Walk TM Melbourne facility will be not-for-profit. It will offer hope through a far more “open-minded” approach to intensive exercise-based recovery for spinal cord injured people and their families, who are looking for an alternative, to improve their situation after their release from hospital and the rehabilitation system.
    Come join the team at our upcoming Black Tie Gala Ball, (Bringing Project Walk TM to Melbourne) on Saturday 23rd of July at the Centre Ivanhoe. For tickets please go to
    Sharyn Bradford 0438354923, Kay Ledson 0419329057
    Tim Yates Director of Operations Project Walk® Phone: 760.431.9789 ext.102
    About Project Walk USA
    From accidental beginnings! The founders Ted and Tammy Dardzinski owned a small sports training centre specializing in functional and postural training. A challenge was presented to them when a quadriplegic client was referred by a friend. The client had been discharged from his traditional rehabilitation facility and was informed that he had completed his therapy. Dissatisfied with his prognosis of living in a wheel-chair, the client wanted more and sought out an alternative form of treatment. With the help of Ted and Tammy the man began taking steps and continues to walk on a daily basis. Co-founder Eric Harness joined Ted and Tammy and together Project Walk was born.
    “Using Exercise to MoveScience” isn’t just a slogan for us, it is our purpose and the reason why the Institute was founded. Teaching and educating healthcare and other professionals in The Dardzinski Method™ and the benefits of the program will make the option of recovery much more assessable to thousands of new injuries each year. Together, we can change their lives for the better. The main goals of the Institute are education and training; as well as collaborating, conducting and publishing research with doctors, scientists and researchers worldwide. The mission of the Institute is to make our program and our method the standard. We will achieve this through teaching, training, research and advocacy. Our hope is to forever change the recovery outcome of a spinal cord injury that is most often perceived as unchangeable.

    PLEASE NOTE: We are not related or affliated to any other organisation, we are an individual group trying to make a change!


    We are an individual franchise and exact replica of the PROJECT WALK SCI recovery center is Carlsbad, SD.
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    Great project

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