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Bladder and Bowel Recovery Input Needed

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  • Bladder and Bowel Recovery Input Needed

    Is there anyone out there who has info on technology, modalities, and/or treatments to speed up the recovery process of bowel and bladder? C5/C6 incomplete 4 1/2 years out from injury. Walking quad, assisted. Have tried to find specialists who are working in the area of bowel and bladder recovery but not having much luck. There has been marginal recovery of bladder (some peeing on own; otherwise, I/C) and bowel (no longer use digi stim -no need anymore - just 1/3 suppository; daily bowel program and controlled poop later in day). Thanks in advance.

    On a different note, I was expelled from the care cure forums a few days with an account I have had for four years because I supposedly used spam. (I have never used spam in my entire life). It did not feel good at all to be so wrongly accused and then expelled from a forum that has been so invaluable to my life since accident. So I have started all over again with new account.