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Neurocare 1000 - E-stim

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    Neurocare 1000 - E-stim

    Has anyone with T12 complete injury used Neurocare before? Could you please share your views and results?

    Neurocare 1000: 400 output (AC) current/4.4mA

    Can this machine stimulate denervated muscles? Like severe atrophy in the lower extremities.

    Would this very high current output do harm to the muscles or the nerve?

    Your inputs will be highly appreciated!!

    I have never used that actual unit. In theory you should be able to stimulate denervated muscle given the unit has the parameters, "In order to be effective a stimulator for activation of denervated skeletal muscles via surface electrodes requires biphasic long-duration impulses with a pulse width between 10 and 300ms and amplitudes of up to ± 100 V respectively ± 250 mA. These demands rise safety issues in the design and application of both the stimulator and the electrodes" (

    The main safety issues are tissue damage (burning the skin). AC current helps reduce the risk (anode and cathode alternate so no net build up of acidic/basic conditions under the surface electrode). It is very important to make sure you use the appropriate size electrode electrode (current density is directionally proportional to electrode size, ie cut the electrode in half, double the density, possible tissue damage). Not trying to scare anyone but it is possible to irritate and/or burn skin with AC current if you try hard enough.

    I did trial a new 4 channel unit from Otto Bock the other day. What I liked about it was the fact that the FES can be set up to be EMG activated. This is not new but their unit was more sensitive (in regards to EMG) and user friendly. Please see the link for more details (

    I like having the EMG activated FES capability. It gives more treatment options.
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      1. Stimulette den2x from Vienna has just been launched by the manufacturing company, Dr. Schuffried Medizintechnik GMBH, exclusively for denervated muscles. Dr. Helmut Kern's team in Vienna will test the device with patients first in the next 6 months before they will prescribe the device to out-patients.

      Power : 110V output/300mA, Bithasic Current

      Size of electrodes : 16 x 12.8cm (gel will be applied on the electrodes before treatment)

      2 Channel unit : each channel with 2 electrodes, 2 electrodes for each side of quadriceps. Therefore, 2 channels can stimulate both quads at the same time for a 30 minutes treatment. Totally, 4-5 areas to be stimulated in the lower extremities. Approx. 2.5-3 hours a day.

      2. Neurocare 1000 from US, FDA approved, www.

      Power : 440V A/C output/4.4mA

      Size of electrodes : 2" x 4" (no gel is required, only use water to wet the electrodes)

      4 Channel unit : each channel with 2 electrodes. 3 treatments per day, 45 minutes for each treatment; treatment program will be designed by the clinician according to individual case.

      Mr. Tom Oliver of Neurocare said that one of the benefits of the stimulation is that it can reduce inflammation of the injury by putting electrodes above and below the injury site on the legs. He offered me a testing fee of $300, plus $350 one month rental & DHL charges.

      Wildwilly, since Stimulette den2x will not be available in the next 6 months, I want my son to try out the Neurocare 1000. But I am concerned about the high current output whether it might be harmful. More importantly, whether it is able to provoke muscle contractions. If Neurocare 1000 is not an option for my son, I might consider RT300-SL Leg Cycle from Restorative Therapies, stimulation up to 200V output/140 mA , 10 channel unit which can stimulate up to 10 muscle group in one or both of your legs and your trunk. Thank you so much for all of the inputs in the previous posts! I will also look up the


        Anybody tried the Stimulette den2x yet?