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sore shoulder area

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    sore shoulder area

    Wondering what is hurting and any suggestions.

    I have soreness that started around my neck on the right side. Sometimes it's near the center of my shoulder blades. Now the right top of my shoulder and it feels like around my shouder blade is sore and tender to press on. I have a soreness/tugging in the under arm too. I'm thinking it's all trap muscles and poss. rotator cuff?

    Started PT yesterday but was addressing lower back pain/hamstrings/hip flexors. He did mention how tight everything is there and also the muscles at top of my shoulders.

    I move my arm straight out in front of me and then bend elbow to bring it straight back like I'm squeezing shoulder blades together and when I do that the left sore side clicks.

    Great moments! I don't want this to progress or become chronic. I see PT again this week and can get into my sci dr the 18th.

    Admittedly I'm a female low quad with weak upper body muscles. I lean forward on tables and desks a lot because it's easier/more comf. Sitting upright is hard with limited trunk because I'm very tall and slim. I haven't done anything to injure this area so I'm stumped. This is all above my injury and feels muscular not neuropathic pain.

    (c6c7 incomp. 8 yrs post, manual wc)
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    If you're starting a new exercise routine it could just be muscle soreness.


      I have shoulder pain/stiffness like that every day, I'm pretty sure mines from sleeping on my side. No matter how I position it when going to sleep I always wake up with my arm tucked in or under me somehow.


        get a massage.....
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          It was sore before I started PT.
          So this doesn't sound like anything to worry about?
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            November, something similar happened to me several years ago and MRI showed severe arthritic changes in both shoulders, worse on the left (can barely use my left arm and hand), with tearing of the supraspinatus and a lot of spurring. There were also bulging discs at C5-6 and C6-7. This means that I have to be very careful about the kinds of PT and exercise I do, never reaching above shoulder-level or doing extreme or repetitive ativities with my arms.

            If possible, you might want to see about getting an MRI of the more painful shoulder (a physiatrist told me that if one shoulder is affected, the other one is likely to be, as well). If you assume this is only muscular (which it might well be), there could be a risk of making your pain worse through doing the wrong kinds of exercises.
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              The pain and ache in the underarms/shoulder/upperback is pretty bad. And my chest is feeling the same way too with weird aches in hands/arm I've never had before. Still waiting to see the physiastrist and am doing PT. Don't know what else to do. If I see a physicians assistant before my appt the 18th it will probably be a waste of time. They are sending me to Craig Hosp for a total week long eval the first week of November. Bonnette I think they will order a MRI of my spine because all my new and increasing pain throughout the body the past 2yrs. Thank you.
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                Originally posted by november View Post
                They are sending me to Craig Hosp for a total week long eval the first week of November.
                Oh, I'm so glad you're going to be evaluated at Craig!! You are sure to get solid information and help there.
                MS with cervical and thoracic cord lesions


                  complete C7 here, in 22nd year post SCI

                  I've had numerous scares with my shoulders/arms/elbows where I felt like "oh no, now I've pushed it too far and have really hurt myself". Most of the time the pain only lasts a few days. In one instance I couldn't lift my left arm above my shoulder for two weeks (this was pretty scary) but could still function normally otherwise. Another time my left shoulder hurt for a month and then the pain disappeared one day and never returned. So far I've chalked it all up to various muscle strains. Whenever, I have an issue I also turn off the super quad mindset and beg God to please not let it be permanent.

                  I've never had it treated and have usually used a heating pad which seemed to provide temporary relief. Letting the pros evaluate you sounds like the best option to me. Good luck.


                    hi november, maybe it's travelling inflammation from repetitive use. 3 days ago i went to an orthopedist who expertise is shoulders and had 3 exrays of my L shoulder because i had pain on the top of it that radiated down my arm as well as around the left side of my neck and my left shoulder blade. the exray showed no arthritis, but he by touching was able to pinpoint the most sensitive, painful area and gave me a cortizone shot just below the rotator cuff and above the acronis??or something like that. 24 hours later, i was pain free. our shoulders and upper body take a beating, gee, just the extra effort we use to try to maintain good balance over time is enormous. so you may want to check this out too.

                    good luck. hope this helps.


                      i had a similar pain on my right side & shoulder blade for about ten years post sci one of the nurses said all i needed was a few massages, thought she was crazy but it works.


                        My right shoulder rotator cuff got messed up about a year after my accident. The pain wasn't so much in the shoulder but in my arm, tricep and even forearm. I didn't have any soreness in my back or traps like you've described.

                        Don't know if that helps.

                        Had the surgery which has a bad recovery time but years later my rotator and shoulder is great.
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                          I've always carried tension/stress in my traps and right on top of my shoulder blades. Jake used to call them Mom's Knots, he could feel them better than other ppl for some reason. Trigger point massage hurt like hell but seemed to pop them, like they were muscle zits! (Eewwww, I know.) And they are full of toxins, when I'd get a massage I'd almost always crap myself before I got home...


                          Those knots would put everything else askew, like pull things out of alignment. I got rid of them for 4 yrs or so but of course they're back now, big surprise, been just a tad stressful round here, obvs.

                          Ask your PT if he/she can feel any tension knots on or alongside your shoulderblades. Given your schedule these days and your advanced age (hahaha, but really, you're not 18 anymore!) I would not be surprised to learn you're getting Novie Knots.

                          Hope it's better soon!
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                            Thank you for all the replies!

                            I do know my back muscles are weak and stretched and front are tight. Most wheelers are like that and you can see it in the not so great posture (rounded shoulders or just shoulders not completely back). If anyone needs exercises for this just ask! Also an easy one is just wheeling backwards some daily to work those rarely used muscles.

                            Betheny I have major tightness and knots. Doing strengthening, massage, trigger points. Ouch!

                            Who knew that muscle inbalances and shortening could cause so many issues. They shift EVERYTHING. When they tell you to at least do range of motion daily do it! And not just a little stretch your leg here and there. The hip flexors and hamstrings can cause major back issues too and even start to cause pelvic obliquity by pulling things up or down etc. I sleep on normally the same side every night and that shortened muscles on that side for example and you can see it when I stretch how one side is much looser and where more of lower back pain in located. Ugh I wish I knew then what I know now. But things can slowly be fixed unless you have fixed contractures.

                            I appreciate all of the responses and am following through because some issues aren't muscular. I never heard of a hand clinic before but I guess they have them for sci'ers...who knew.

                            Moral of this story. Do your ROM and strengthening. And um don't overuse things. Get MRI if things are changing.
                            Aerodynamically, the bumble bee shouldn't be able to fly, but the bumble bee doesn't know that, so it goes on flying anyways--Mary Kay Ash