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    Hi all!

    I need a harness for gait rehabilitation with partial weight body support. I have read some old threads, and bonmed harness is recommended. But I would like to know if anybody could recommend me a better harness.

    Thanks!!! Cheers!!

    I know of one that is used at Level11pt. If you go to their FB page they have some pictures. Contact Bill at level11, he can give you some more info. Bob


      During Project Walk's past 10 years of operation I have had the chance to try out many GT harnesses. The BonMed version, if set up properly, has the most consistent support and is one of the easiest to apply.

      PW nor I are in anyway associated with BonMed (just a disclaimer...)

      Eric Harness, CSCS
      Neuro Ex, Inc
      Adaptive Performance and Neuro Recovery


        The harness at level11 is called, crawl2walk. I was actually involved with the development of this harness. It is by far the most comfortable I've had on. Especially in the groin area. It's a 4 point harness which can be used for both crawling and walking, hence the name. And it's very easy to put on. I personally have tried several harnesses. Yes I know Bill, he was my therapist for about 2 yrs so I guess I do have an association with crawl2walk in that respect(just a disclaimer...) lol