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Clonus: What Do You Do???

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    Thanks Gypsy and thanks Dave for the link.
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      I'm not sure if it's the thread referenced above, but check that out and do a search, because there was one great thread on the subject that taught me to do what really works for me: pushing down on my knee in such a way that it puts the pressure on my heel rather than higher on my foot. Just pushing down on my foot, or my knee to push my foot down, do not work; it's got to put the pressure on my heel. I don't know if that accomplishes the same thing as bending up your toes, but I've never been able to do that. But this really works for me... until of course one slight movement triggers the clonus again.


        my weaker leg does that when I pedal a bike as well but if I pedal backwards for 30sec to a minute it will stop. I usually have to reverse directions like this every 10 or 15 min because of spasms. I couldn't pedal backwards originally but I was still using a motorized bike and could let the bike do it - I can pedal backwards on my own now but not very smoothly - but it works to interrupt the spasm.
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