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Balance in T6

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  • Balance in T6

    Hello my first post. I'm a t6 now 10 yrs inc.. How does a person learn about balance control? I have good movement only on my hands and arms. My trunk balance is pits but I do live alone. I also have bad spazm probs. and on 20mg Baklaphen 2-4 times daily. Sorry about being short first site I've found that looks interesting. James

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    Working on the matt in short and log sitting without arm support is a good way to learn how to balance using your head and upper body to correct. Can you get any PT to help you set up an exercise routine?

    80 mg. of baclofen daily is an average dose. You can go up, or talk with your SCI physician about trying you on Zanaflex instead, or adding Clonidine (which can potentiate baclofen).

    I moved this to the Exercise forum for other suggestions.

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