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  • anyone walking normal

    does anyone know someone that has fully recovered from spinal cord injury?
    keep your head up!

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    I know a guy who made close to a full recovery. He still walks with a bit of a limp.


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      I guess that depends on what you mean? I can walk unaided but still have quite a bit of numbness in my muscles but can feel.


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        Patrick Rummerfield
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          walkin normal is not healed

          limp and some drop foot,

          Pain 9-10 24hrs a day 365 days a year 5 years in 2 weeks.

          all that I am is all gone


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            I know people who can walk normal but don't have b&b. Others have b&b and can walk with a limp. I have never met anybody who has fully recovered.
            TH 12, 43 years post


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              I have seen many (though a small percentage of those injured) that recovered full function. The first was a life guard at Craig named Rocky in 1974. He was a C4 like me. I made only 85% by my measure.

              Had I gotten better rehab than what I got there it might have been different.
              <Big sarcastic grin>


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                I walk normally but have problems with b&b. Very lucky not to have much pain only a stiff back once in a while. L1 Burst Two years this month.


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                  My roommate at Shepherd came in with no movement at the c5/c6 level. By the time we left 12 weeks later she was taking steps. She attended the day program for 4 weeks and by the time she was done she was walking. She had to attend her graduation in the nursing program at shepherds in a wheelchair by webcam. Anyway, she recovered remarkably. She is a fulltime ER nurse, regained B&B, walks normal and looks normal; however she says she does have a lot of nerve pain.
                  C4/5 functioning on a C6 level, use of left hand, no triceps


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                    one of my dads friends had a sci and he walks pretty good but he drags one leg but has his b&b but said he had alot of pain


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                      Eric Harness, CSCS
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                        dennis byrd

                        dennis byrd the football player is probably the most reconized sci that is close to normal. His walks okay but says he still has trouble with balance and when he is on the ground it is still a struggle to get up



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                          Originally posted by woman from Europe View Post
                          I know people who can walk normal but don't have b&b. Others have b&b and can walk with a limp. I have never met anybody who has fully recovered.
                          Several people have used this so could someone please tell me what b&b means? big butt?

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                            Bladder and bowel
                            TH 12, 43 years post


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                              My ex had a t1 to t4 SCI and he walks with a cane. He also has loss of sensation in part of his back and legs.