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c6 incomplete recovery

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    c6 incomplete recovery

    It has been 8 months since my accident. I started out paralyzed from the chest down and little hand movement. A month in i wiggled my big toe. 3 months in I stood up on a walker for the first time and everyday since ive stood. now i am walking short distances with a walker and can walk on forearm crutches with very little assistance. i have been working my ass off trying to walk again and I am starting to give up hope. If there is anyone out there who has gotten alot of return back after a year i would really like to hear your story.
    keep your head up!

    Oh my are doing great. My son has been injured two years and is still getting stuff back. Don't give up hope; you are on the fast track. We know a guy at Project Walk who came there 10 years post and now after working out for three years is taking steps with a walker. Keep on going!
    Luke 5:24



      There is good reason for you to be hopeful. I have a C6 injury from a skiing accident in 2001. I first got on my feet in parallel bars at 9 months post, and took my first steps with a walker at 10 months. At 1-1/2 years, I left my house without a wheelchair for the first time, using a walker to walk into our neighborhood pharmacy. I began to use crutches at around 2 years. At three years, I participated in a locomotor training clinical trial for about three months and left that walking with a cane. Overall, it took me about four years to walk as well as I do now. Today I can walk about a mile in a day without wrecking my body using a cane and a AFO on my right leg.

      I have not been around CareCure much lately, but in the past, I have posted quite a bit about my recovery. Here's a couple links (the search function in the forums will find more):

      My locomotor training experience at the University of Florida.

      A video of me walking at 1, 3 and 5 years post-injury.

      You know every injury is different and there are no guarantees, but eight months post is still pretty early. Keep pushing for every little thing you can get. Get the best physical therapy or exercise therapy you can. Find somewhere you can get locomotor training. Remember this is like running a marathon, and another, and another .... it's tedious and frustrating and painful and more. I wish you the very best as you continue to improve.


        There is definitely no reason to give up hope! You are doing amazing with the gains you have already achieved and your recovery has only began. Here at Step It Up Recovery Center, we have clients that are 2, 4, and even 8 years post-injury that are still improving and getting results. I highly recommend adding an intense exercise program to help with your recovery. Step It Up is located in Sanford, Florida and is a certified Project Walk provider where our program has been proven to gain and improve the lives of those living with spinal cord injuries. Here are the websites for you to check out! Good luck with your journey and please know that there are no limits to your recovery! Never give up hope!