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Elbow clicking while Vitagliding

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    Elbow clicking while Vitagliding

    My left elbow clicks sometimes when I'm straightening my arm. Is this bad for my bones?

    Hi Mimin, I'm a longtime Vita Glider. Does it hurt when there is clickin' Check your posture and arm ergonomics when you glide. Try going slower to get your body used to doing a proper motion. Many times a person will use non effcient stroke technique and speed thinking they are getting more of a benefit when in actualilty they aren't.

    I have clicking in my shoulder. there is no pain and eventually as the shoulder warms up it stops.

    Congrats on the vitaglide. For me it is one of the best pieces of equipment I've used. It works muscles I couldn't reach in the gym or on the road riding. It works the core muscles to their maximum. I also have a shoulder press to help with the shoulders.

    I think you may be rotating your shoulder out when you are using it, that may put the elbow in an ackward position. Try rotating your shoulder to a more nuetral position, this will automatically put your elbow and forearm in a better non intrusive position.


      Thx. It doesn't hurt when it clicks. My posture's not so great to begin with; I hope I'm doing it right. When I use it from my pwc, I have much less rom though. I keep it mostly on 1 (I'm a wimp), with a couple minutes on 2.


        As you work out longer, you will see your posture improve just by the fact that you are working your back muscles and core muscles more efficintly.

        There's nothing wrong with using 1 and 2. I use them primarily also and I'm strong like a bear. Are you moving the heigth of the machine for different ranges. For me that is the most effective part of this machine; to be able to move it up and down to work out the muscle from different angles.

        If there is no pain, I wouldn't worry too much about the clicking. I'm no expert, but thats what I've been told.

        Sounds like you are doing it right Mimin,just doing it means you are doing it right. It sure feels good doesn't it. I love my vitaglide. Keep up the good work, you'll be doing it for an hour in no time.

        My workout ususally consists of 15 minute stages. going from a 1 to warm up with to 4 or 5. after the initial warmup, I change heights every 15 min. going from a 2 to maybe 5. I visualize my body straightening up and concentrate on the romboid muscles in the back.

        Good job girl, you made my day.


          Thanks, that's nice to hear!

          Haven't tried adjusting the height yet, just getting the hang of it. How often do you use it?

          I just watched the promo video and it seems like I'm missing out on a lot of the exercise by not being able to move my arms behind me due to the w/c back.


            i have terrible epicondylitis in my elbow medial and lateral... it clicks pops..... it kills

            its been 2yrs and not better. ive tried everything! HGH jinatropin is next for me. (just like A rod) i believe this will work! or stem cells to get me walking so i can rest the arm!


              I would try changing the height to see if you get fewer clicks at a different angle. Also make sure you are not looking to far up or down, although this would be more likely to affect shoulder clicks. My shoulder clicks when I do rickshaw pushdowns on my uppertone sometimes but if I find the right angle, not too much leaning forward or back, head looking straight forward, I can usually find a spot where this does not happen.

              Try having someone stand in front of you or behind to see if your one arm is winging out differently or if you arm twisted or hunched over. You could also use a mirror but may not be as able to see and be objective. Practice slow at first until you find a smooth rhythm, then increase your pace while keeping good form. It takes your body a few sessions to learn any exercise motion so you might as well have it learn the correct form.


                I agree with Jeff on changing things around. You are new to thi so take your time. I also use a full body mirror to check on shoulder eveness and posture, esp. when standing on my Easystand. workout at least three times a week, more in the winter ranging from just a few minutes to an hour.

                It may take a few workouts to get those muscles stretched and the weak ones stronger.