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My Free Week at SCI Step

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  • My Free Week at SCI Step

    Yes it was totally free, including the room. (didn't require transportation, can't vouch for it) What a great experience. Michele, Matt, Dani, Kevin, Molly, James, and the rest of the staff, were incredible. (Anne was a sweetie too) First I was stretched properly, first time in quite a while. (shame on me) Then a quick eval, discussion of goals, etc....then we went to work.

    Based on the goals I had in mind, and a few ideas they had, Matt developed a plan. They had some ideas-things they thought I could (should) do. Also they had some equipment I haven't yet been exposed to. I hadn't done much for my upper body since I left rehab. Most the focus since then has been my legs. They had some ideas to work my upper body, incorporate my core, and work my balance. Very refreshing. They made me work too. They just kept coming at me. They were tag teaming me-I loved it.

    The final three days ended with reflexology, accupuncture, and a massage, respectively-all firsts for me. Of the three, I think I enjoyed the reflexology. The only negative was that night some hyper sensitivity in my toes. The blankets drove me nuts.

    On the last day instead of lowering the boom (pressure to return as a patient) I got a few hugs and an invitation to stop back and visit and to work out for a day if I'm passing thru.

    I went down seeking free therapy, and felt as though I left with some new friends. I'd highly recommend everyone that can make the trip down to Cincy to take advantage of the offer. Even if your working with the greatest therapist in the world (and most of us are) it doesn't hurt to get some objective ideas. It may be something your currently overlooking. Or it may just be more of the same ol', same ol' in different place down the road from Kings Island in a free hotel room with some extremely incredible people.

    Once again 'Chele, Matt, Anne, Dani, Kevin, Molly, James, and all the rest THANK YOU ALL !!! and GOD BLESS!!!
    Does my butt make this diaper look big?

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    Glad to see you went out there. It truly is a wonderful place.
    If you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best.

    Sometimes it is easier to widen doors than it is to open minds.


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      IMC67-you rock! It is your positive attitude and hard work that is such a motivation to others! You inspire us : ) Hope to see you soon!