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    New Facility

    Hi! Newbie here. First post.

    I work at a Rehabilitation Hospital in Connecticut as an Exercise Physiologist. I design fitness programs for individuals with disabilities; mostly neurological in nature (MS, SCI, Post-Stroke, Post Polio, TBI)

    Our facility is small but our members have accomplished some pretty incredible feats in the 3 years I have been there.

    I have become friends with a young man with a spinal cord injury. In short: we are interested in opening a fitness and wellness facility specifically for indivduals with disabilities. This would be a place for like-minded people to continue with their rehabilitative goals while providing an incredible social atmosphere for people to come in, work out, share stories, watch the Super Bowl, in an place free from intimidation with equipment 100% designed for and accessible to such individuals.

    Instead of treadmills in front of a big screen, I'm picturing 4 standing frames in front of a big screen. Nu Steps, upper body ergs, maybe some new stim bikes, etc...

    I also work with people in their homes after I leave the hospital. I'm hoping to build up my clientele enough so that I can leave the hospital and concentrate on training individuals, as well as do lectures, seminars, etc... My friend will also do public motivational speaking and his mother has become a "guru" on how to use the state for various forms of funding for individuals with disabilities.

    We are currently writing up a business plan. Everywhere we turn, the advice is to do the business plan first.
    We are toying between an LLC or going non-profit. Non-profit may give us more avenues for funding. We are both fairly young (mid 30's...okay, LATE 30s) with nothing saved up. This is just an area in Connecticut that needs to be served!

    I guess I'm just looking for any thoughts, ideas, funding ideas, contacts, any advice that anyone might have. This will be our first endeavor as entrepeneurs, and it's a bit scary, but we know that it has HUGE potential.

    Sorry for the ramble. I hope to become a frequent poster in the forum!

    PS- please feel free to direct any exercise questiond this way and I will do my best to answer what I can.
    Wes, CSCS
    Exercise Physiologist

    My friends family started PushToWalk here in NJ.

    I would contact Cynthia Templeton for advice.

    Good Luck!