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What workout did you do today?

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  • What workout did you do today?

    Maybe this will help motivate folks to get out there and move what you can.
    I will start:
    1.5 hours in garage - handcycle on a magnetic trainer - avg hr. 120 bpm

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    10 min on cross country ski machine with harness - half powered by me
    30 min strength training
    10 min elliptical with harness - 100% powered by me
    10 min stationary bike backwards
    30 min Estim on right arm
    C3/4 Brown Sequard


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      Alex whoa. nice work...that's what I'm talkin' about....


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        I backed off my workout a tad today as I'm running a fever and feeling like crappola, but still managed a partial.

        I used velcro to attach weights to my hands and lifted for 45 minutes. I also stood for 30.

        When my fever drops, I'll hit full tilt boogie on the workouts again.

        Yay workout people however and whatever you're doing!


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          Oh, I'm such a couch potato. I need to get back to the pool !
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            Basketball practice was cancelled today. So I spent that time in the library. It's finals next week.


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              about a half an hour on the bowflex
              20 minutes on the recumbent bike (5 min. miles),
              25 leg lifts with ankle weights
              25 squats
              I try to do pushups by using the counter and moving my feet back about 4 ft (I don't have the upper body strength to do a normal one)
              then at night I play tuggy with my boxer/pit bull
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                Light weight lifting to warm up for a 9 mile push (13 minute miles avg.) Today is a rest day tomorrow is 4 miles of interval training (hills ugh) and heavy weights.
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                  chest and triceps yesterday, cardio for 40 min with a target rate of 125 bpm, then ab work today.

                  into the 70's here today but another arctic front is coming so i'm taking advantage of it, with XMAS comin roadwork is going to be severely restricted.

                  so, who's next?



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                    Alright, this is my second post in this thread. I must admit that knowing I am telling the WWW my workout did help my motivation:
                    30 min recumbent stationary bike - avg hr 114
                    55 min eliptical trainer (holding on for dear life) avg 115
                    35 min handcycle on magn. trainer - intervals 2 min on/ 2 min off times 6 avg hr 124
                    bicep curls, triceps on cable
                    Just walking round the house - rest of day - it seems like everything is an effort from sunrise to sunset
                    Jen, LMC, cave, darrel - niiice... C'mon Tbone, Danine !


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                      Originally posted by arndog View Post
                      C'mon Tbone, Danine !
                      I just finished a 32 page paper.

                      Does that count for exercising my brain???

                      OK, back to topic...
                      "The truth will set you free. But first, it will piss you off." -Gloria Steinem


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                        stretched, stretched, stretched, want to go to the massage therapist but I really need to do some more shopping at the mall. Im procrastinating because I know the holiday crowd is in full effect over the weekend. blah.


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                          Nothing for me today but I did go to the gym yesterday for about 40 minutes.

                          It is getting too cold to ride the handcycle and I don't have an indoor place to set it up right now. I guess that means back to the gym and the local pool.

                          Motivation is tough but maybe this thread will help. Back to the gym tomorrow I guess.
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                            How is everyone measuring heart rate? One of those wristwatch type devices or are you just checking it from time-to-time?
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                              Entry level wristwatch HR monitors are the way to go and they have come way down in price - I think they are under 100 now - a - days.