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    On the injured list!

    Pulled muscle in the right groin! Damn Cybex machines are cr@&, wierd angles on the back rest and foot plate hyper extended the muscle! GRRRRR!

    On top of that having a ganglion cyst drained Tuesday, that's what's been causing my bench press problems and pain while rolling in the racing chair.

    Going out this afternoon to bust up fallen branches and weed whack the grass before the neighbors call the city! That will have to be enough.

    If i have any energy I'll hit the gym and do some seated rows and lat pulldowns.



      1 hour elliptical trainer. Finished prep for audit, let's bring it on ! Stupid me overdid ski season and I am nursing a tendonitis in the long head of the biceps in the shoulder. I will delay handcycling season till it heals.


        i am out of here for 4 days paddling upstream on the Colorado river for my 41st. reports when i return. ciao for niao, Steve.
        Steve Garro.


          Heal quickly guys !

          Went climbing at a local crag on Friday, felt strong enough to lead a couple of short routes. Then spent the weekend in Yosemite Valley, and led Munginella (5.6), The Grack (5.6) and After Six (5.7), about ten pitches in all.

          The first pitch of the latter route really worked me, but the next four pitches were pretty easy by comparison and it was a beautiful day in the valley. I hadn't led After Six since before my injury, and I seem to remember it being kinda tiring for me then too

          My elbow was usually sore by the end of the day, but ibuprofen seems to help. I guess it's just going to be a while before I can really trust it again.


            my workout

            100 crunches using an ab roller
            100 mini pelvic tilts (my lower spine is fused, so only a bit of my pelvis can actually lift up

            2/15 bicep curls
            2/15 military press (3lbs)
            2/15 shoulder press
            2/15 tricep press
            2/15 bent over row
            1/15 wrist curls

            2/15 3 diff. rotator cuff exercises...not sure what they're called (one is kind of a reverse shoulder press-up...) (1lb)

            Unless otherwise noted, 5lb weights. I think I could go up to 7, but I have to go buy them. 10 is a little heavy.


              Good work - jgrant

              The Valley must be nice, Rhyang. Glad you are back on the sharp end of the rope. I am still nursing my wing and limited to stationary bike and elliptical trainer not using my right arm. I am very grateful that I can exercise what leg muscles I have - otherwise , I would be hitting the antidepressants. I think the shoulder is healing up and I will give it 2 more weeks before testing it.
              Heading down to Santa Barbara for some beach walking with crutches and general holiday (my son is graduating next week there).


                back from kayaking - picks on blog link below - 25+ miles of kayaking, 1/2 upstream.......great trip, a little sore in the front of my left shoulder. lots of crutch walking on sand/rock/desert. good life practice! Steve.
                Steve Garro.


                  Just back from three weeks on the road competing and training (cycling). Managed to put in a couple of qualifying times for our national team but nothing offical yet - crossing my fingers that we send a team to world championships later in the year and that I'm in it.

                  I did make the mistake of doing a bit to much sightseeing on foot before the final race day. Even though I swallowed my pride and used a cane for the day - I still walked farther than I have done since injury and my legs were smashed the next day but I finished the race. What is that they say - what doesn't kill you, just makes you stronger right (not to mention the learning experience - won't do that again before a big race)!

                  Best thing about the trip was getting to meet a lot of other paracyclists both on two wheels bikes but also handcyclists who deal amazingly well with a whole range of challenges.


                    Crutch walking for 2.5 hours (went 3 different times) on the So. Cal pacific ocean beach near Santa Barbara. Soft sand is not good, the crutches sink as do my feet, but the firm sand near the surf at the edge of the water is firm enough for crutch walking. There are people standing on some surf boards with a long single paddle and cruising the ocean. I wonder if I could pull that off - doubt I would have the balance..... hmmm..


                      Climbed Mt. Shasta (14162') again on Saturday. Friday snowshoed from the Bunny Flat trailhead (~6900') up to Green Butte (~9200') and set up camp.

                      Got an alpine start on Saturday and headed up Green Butte Ridge to Sargents Ridge -

                      Took a lot longer than I thought .. lots of steep snow traversing and rock scrambling in crampons (mostly class 2-3, perhaps a class 4 move) .. six hours later I was near the Red Banks.

                      Thought about heading down from there, but kept going. My pace slowed for the next 1500' to the summit ... up Misery Hill and the summit plateau.

                      At the top I gulped down a chocolate bar, feeling so tired.. I hadn't been above 10000' in about a month. I made my way back down, then enjoyed the 2000' glissade from the Red Banks to Helen Lake.

                      The traverse back to my camp involved two more hours of postholing in slushy snow. I was so happy to see my tent again ..

                      But instead of collapsing and taking a nap, I packed up everything and snowshoed back to the car .. the snow was so warm and sloppy I was mostly sliding down .. fell on my butt probably 20 times

                      Yesterday was a rest day .. did a lot of that

                      I think I could use some sea, sand and beach time myself


                        Fantastic photo's!

                        I've been battling fatigue and a cold ever since returning home - so my couple of days off the bike looks like been extended somewhat. Only a headcold but enough make going out training on frosty mornings less than appealing. Perhaps it will help me concentrate on my thesis writing instead (one can always live in hope).


                          WOW !!!!

                          What Fantastic Pics. Me??????? Same old work out, out in the ocean, lift 130 lobster pots, sort fish, lobsters and crab, come home, and further try to eliminate life. Tomarow Doc appt. Sell fish, more work, out on the bay, come home and weld on a new basket, garden. Would like to ride my bike, but, my sister threw mine out when I came home from the hospital 5 1/2 years ago.

                          I don't think me taking pics could equal yours Rhyang, it's just lifes different here. Maybe you guys would like it, to me it's the same old thing for 49 years, I never see anything special about it. "Warning,,,, I've been wrong before"

                          Maybe I'll buy a new bike and do something more of the "norm"???? Naaaahh, summers here, I'll be another statistic, flattened by a car, taxi, bus, whatever. I'll wait till fall.

                          Thursday, I'm banging it up to 250 Lobster pots, I bet it will be real interesting, real interesting, a live webcam would get at least an X for language, and violence. We'll see.........


                            Al, I hear you about riding on the road .. it always scares me, and it's how I fractured my elbow I prefer to ride on trails, away from cars and pavement.

                            Your work reminds me of something Jacques Cousteau said -

                            The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.
                            Reminds me, I should go and visit the Monterey aquarium, or the tidepools at Point Lobos Haven't been back for quite some years ..

                            Get well soon l2r !


                              Injures are resolving, getting the wrist drained and not having that pain anymore has helped alot and back to doing limited leg work.

                              knee level rack pulls and back work tonight


                                got in a couple of hours on the one-off on mellow singletrack before the rain - very nice. the shoulder seems to be leveling off, or at least not getting worse..........Steve.
                                Steve Garro.