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    one more poser ice shot taken in Banff, Beautiful British Columbia, why not?


      Wow, really cool pictures of the ice climbing!

      Went skiing yesterday and had a blast! I did better than I thought. Of course, I spent a lot of time being helped back up, but by the end of the day, we figured out that I did better with trying to parallel ski then I did with snow-plowing and trying to manage wedge turns. Even got a couple nice hockey-style stops in. I was not only starting to remember what it is supposed to feel like when you ski, but even pull it off for up to 25 yards or so. Since I managed the tighter turns better than the gentle curves or the straight-aways, I told them I was aiming for the slalom races at the next Olympics. I'm going back next weekend if that is any indication of how enthused I am. The icing on the cake was that the people there were incredibly friendly and welcoming.


        That is great dunwaw
        Did you use outriggers?
        Any special gear?


          Just outriggers, but I am hoping to eventually be able to lose them too. Call me ambitious. I wasn't ever really using them, when I fall, I forget about them. Heck, when I fall on land, I never manage to get my arms out to break my fall either, spasticity kicks in and I go down like a board. Hey, just had a lightbulb moment, maybe I am supposed to be having them down in place before I start to fall????? When I was AB, I never used my ski poles either except for when I was trying to walk uphill or something, just carried them under my arms when I was skiing. Sometimes I didn't even bring them, one less thing to have to remember. They also haven't yet ruled out ski-bras.

          Oh, and they had me wear a helmet, which was a good thing. I had just taken it off after removing my skis, forgot I had ski boots on still, and immediately went down and smacked the back of my head pretty good. Ouch. Figures I would get hurt as soon as I wasn't skiing. Glad I had some excedrin in my purse. That helmet definitely helps.

          Now if they had some kind of contraption for getting me back on feet again.............


            Originally posted by arndog View Post
            Lee Vining Ice - I climbed there as a AB many times. It is a bit of a grunt just to get there over the giant talus.

            I did well snowshoeing. I think one thing I have to solve is keeping my legs and feet warm, don't know if that is an issue for you. Is it?
            I hear you about the LVC talus, in early season it's a bit of a minefield. For the most part the last storm filled in most of it, so the boot track was pretty good.

            I have a brown-sequard contusion, so my left leg / arm are weak, while the right leg doesn't feel much in the way of pain / temperature. So my left leg can feel freezing while the right leg just feels pleasantly warm Strangely though I can feel cold in the undersides of my feet. What's that all about ?

            I put chemical toe warmers in my boots (same as I did pre-injury). That seems to work if it's not too cold (so far down to the 20's or so). Otherwise I figure I'll just wear plastics if I'll be standing around belaying all day or out overnight.

            The main thing for me is keeping my core warm, since according to my rehab doc I have impaired vasoconstriction -- it was only in the 20-30's in LVC on Friday and I was wearing my BIG down jacket that I used to wear only if it was in the single digits. Basically I have to dress warmer post-injury, though the usual advice to stay hydrated & fed is probably just as important. If I'm in the sun or moving it's not as big a deal though.

            As long as my core is warm and I am otherwise dressed warmly enough I'm ok. If I let myself get chilled, my left hand & leg tend to stiffen up.

            Good job alpentalic ! I find that I get kind of a weird spasm on my left side if I haven't stretched in a while .. Saturday I spent about 8 hours driving for example. Still resting today, though I need to do some yoga soon

            My pre-injury poser pic

            December 2006 in Lee Vining Canyon, leading some WI3 on Chouinard Falls.

            Hey Jon, isn't Banff in Alberta ?


              Rhyang - Oops, Banff is in Alberta, but so close to BC. That was a test to see if anyone actually read my post ! Clearly my memory of the good old days is fading. Your picture looks like some good plastic ice, mmmm.
              30 min stationary cycle
              60 min elliptical
              60 min crutch walk


                I'm going to post for my dad, because I'm proud of him today for what he pushed himself to do.

                45 minutes of stretching and core work at home, then....
                30 minutes exercise in the pool
                30 minutes with a little bodyweight support on the treadmill (tough today...)
                45 minutes core exercises on the mat

                And then he stood for 59 seconds perfectly erect without holding onto anything. And then he did that again for 65 seconds.

                And he walked everywhere with his walker.... That's the toughest exercise, I think.


                  hlh - great effort by your dad. It is so true that after he finishes his 'exercise' , he starts exercise again just using the walker. I bet if you put a heart rate monitor on him, you would find out just how hard an effort he is putting in using his walker around the house.
                  I have found that sometimes my HR is higher walking to the stationary bike than it is while on it.


                    Big day for me. I did something I haven't done in 7 years. I climbed up 1200 ft on snowshoes for 2.5 hours and was rewarded with great vistas and a hard effort. More pictures in the following post, (I was by myself- sorry for the strange self portraits).
                    RHYang - that is Castle Peak taken from Hawks Peak which is were I was - the top of Tahoe Donner cross country area.

                    Side note - could someone help me put multiple pictures in one post?


                      here are the other hero 'summit' shots that I wish I knew how to show in the first post all in one....


                        Nice ! That just about made my day Jon

                        When I put multiple pics in a post, I usually have them hosted elsewhere, like for example ( or are also options). That way I can use the 'Insert Image' toolbar button to show as many as I want in a single post (some other forums I use work the same way). I'm not sure how to do it with forum attachments here though ..


                          So far today..
                          Got my ass out of bed.. (freaking mornings.. happens everyday it seems)
                          SSS, oh.. didn't do the third S today.
                          Came to work..
                          but.. when I get home I will hit the pull up bar and do several reps.
                          I'm really liking the pull up bar. It's there, right in front of me at home. Out of the
                          way in the doorway, but available and easy to use.
                          Rick Brauer or just call me - Mr B



                            Wii Fit! I just got it for Christmas. It's actually pretty helpful for balance, etc. It pretty clearly shows I have been compensating for my weaker left side.


                              Rbrauer - can't beat pullups and every time you go through that doorway it must remind you to do a set.
                              gvinton - what exactly can you do with Wii?
                              Today -
                              2.5 hours nordic sitski - super sunny warm day - felt like April...
                              Here is a little video diary of today.... I threw in 2 secs of snowshoeing from yesterday


                                Wii fit is a balance board which you use with the regular Wii remote. You can do strength training with squats, lunges, core training, etc. It also has yoga and arobic exercizes (step, boxing, running and others).

                                It's pretty fun. It has balance games where you ski and snowboard too. I'm a Brown Sequard walking quad so it actually does help me find my center of gravity and strengthen my weaker side.

                                I've also been a gym rat in my time but lately I haven't found the time so this keeps me a little active and lets me goof around with the kids...