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Has anyone been to Kennedy Krieger?

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    Has anyone been to Kennedy Krieger?

    I was wondering if anyone had received physical therapy at Kennedy Krieger. I read about their program and spoke with some of the doctors and it sounds like they have a really good program. So I was wondering if you have been there, could you tell me about your experience and what equipment they have? I would really appreciate it because they have a really long waiting list and I have been going to National Rehab Hospital and I am very happy with it there except it is a very long drive for only one hour of therapy. Thanks,

    My son goes to therapy at KKI. Pt usually consists of mat work, e-stem, FES bike and standing. Therapists are very good. Sessions are usually two/three hours at time.

    The overall atmosphere is positive. They have two locations a couple of blocks apart. I have talked to some who are taken back by how small the gyms are compared to other rehabs. They have a new building under construction which will give them a very large gym.

    We have been very pleased with all the staff from the valets to the doctors.

    If you have any specific questions I could try to answer them for you



      I've been to Kennedy Krieger three times since my injury and am headed back there for two more weeks of therapy in a couple of days. My therapy consisted of three hours of PT and one hour of OT every day. As far as equipment goes they have many (~15) Restorative Therapies FES bikes, a LiteGait, a water treadmill, parallel bars, tons of KAFOs, and a lot of mat space -- and that is just in one of the facilities. When you leave there you go home with an intense home program that's all laid out for you in a PowerPoint presentation.

      The therapists are very enthusiastic and extremely well trained and it's refreshing to be around other young people with SCI. I would definitely recommend going to KKI if you have the opportunity! Please let me know if you have any questions!!

      - jodi


        My son evan 23 attends kennedy krieger as an out patient .they just opened up a new gym and it is amazing . He has been going to kk since oct.of 08 . We are very pleased with the recovery he has gained . They now have a pool and a treadmill under the water . My son can:t wait to get on it. The therapists are the best. The drs. ,,,,really get to know the patient and are greatly involved with all aspects of life following sci. The only complaint i have is that they wont let me get in the pool....


          do you now prices for KKI?