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    I am relatively new on the forum, I have looked at many posts and found tons of very good and valuable information. I am T12 complete 14 years post injury. I also read lot of stories of T12 sci. I noticed that most of T12 injured recovered very well and regain lot of functionality many are able to walk. My situation is completely opposite. I have no muscle tone in my legs and have not had any movements so far all those years. I have not bothered with that since I considered it as normal after injury, but now I have started to ask myself weather I have recieved a proper rehabilitation. Could I be treated in a way that I could have better recovery or not turned complete or even recover to ba able to stand or walk? Ok I know the answer is probabbly no but still I have now this doubt that bothers me a little. I would appreciate any experiences from you.
    Thanks, Sandra

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    you won't know until you try. give it hell, i say. you'll always wonder if you don't try...

    it's been a long time, but any return is better than no return, right? i'm sure being so many years post, things will be more difficult. so know it's an uphill battle, but it has been for 14 years. don't give up, or let someone tell you it's not worth the effort, if it's something that you want to do.

    just my opinion. good luck!

    what do you do to help your cause? standing frame? anything?
    working every day to get out of my chair.


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      Check your PM's, I sent you one.

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        Thanks tmorris for your encouragement. I guess you are right that any returne is better than no return, I agree it is not to give up the hope but time goes on and life too so the effort is to live life as it is and as best as possible. Too much hope sometimes make one less active in particular situation.
        I use standing frame only periodically when I am on periodical rehabilitation every second year. I don't have it at home -yet, but I do streching regulary 4 times a day and nothing (almost) can stop me doing that.
        thanks again for your words


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          Sandra, when I was at SCI-Step they told me about a client who had been in a chair for many years and they were able to get him walking with a walker. So, my advice would be if you haven't gotten help from SCI experts you need to do so. On the other hand one day at the VA I met another T12 who was in a chair - he tried all kinds of therapy and he never got sufficient return to functionally get out of the wheelchair. Mike
          T12 Incomplete - Walking with Crutches, Injured in Oct 2003


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            Mike. I have regular periodical therapy every two years for two weeks but we never talked about walking again. That is why I was surprised how many of T12 had such a big return that they are able to walk again. But I guess that the fact that each of us is unique case in a way.


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              I "walk" with KAFOs and a walker/crutches. My return is only to hip flexors. Give it a shot. The muscle you can fire will come back in a heartbeat.
              Paralyze resistance with persistence.


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                Sandra, are the folks who you have therapy with SCI experts? If not, I'd recommend you consder going to SCI-Step, Push to Walk, or Project Walk or a place like that (there are quite a few places like that around the country). My experience has been that therapy at Tampa General Hospital and the Tampa VA was not nearly as productive as from a place like this. Mike
                T12 Incomplete - Walking with Crutches, Injured in Oct 2003


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                  Jeepin that does not sound as a really big return. Are you going around with walker crutches or just for "training purpose"?


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                    Mike I am not in the USA. I am from Slovenia (europe) so this would be a long trip. Maybe worth to try. Maybe there is a difference in the rehabilitation approach in the USA since very few of us SCI here ever gets back walking.