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    Hey Pat,

    think i commented on this before but i'll repeat myself saying that thing looks the mutt's nutts!!!! so quick to put on and not as cumbersome as some other similar attachments.

    How much are you selling them for and do you know if it would be feasible to send one over the pond to northern ireland?

    Are there any limitations regarding the footplate/ wheelchair it will attach to?
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      Hey Fenty,

      I've heard of the bee's knees, but not the mutt's nuts!

      I've been really busy building FreeWheel attachments for many CC'rs! I've designed a clamp that is adjustable in both angle and depth, which means it fits the majority of the chairs. I have some other parts to fit the rest so that they can use it too. I don't know what shipping across the pond would be, but I do get a rush from the comments of users. They say it doesn't matter what it costs; they can't afford not to have one!

      Send me an email at

      I'll see what we can do.



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        Well, the weather is bad right now so I have been reading old posts trying to get som ideas/ motivation. I came across this post, while I have not been able to purchase one of these I have followed the rise of the freewheel as it has became more wide spread in our little sci community. Just thought I would put this back on top because I think it is nice to see something worth wild grow.


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          Thanks Sohum, Time flies.... more and more people are getting out and about with FreeWheels, it makes me really happy.


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            I love, love, LOVE mine! i bought one this summer and have gone on gravel, park grass and trails with it. I keep it in the back of my van and can put it on myself so I can use it spontaneously.
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              I love my Freewheel. My dog, Sky, and I have traveled over 400 miles so far this calendar year. We have hit a top speed of 13.7 mph and I never felt unsafe.
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                Cant wait...

                Can't wait for an adaptable version for a non fixed foot plate....
                Can I just change the footplate to fixed for my son?. We never fold up his chair..
                Maybe Santa can make this happen...


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                  I was trying to look at the video and I get a message "video was removed by user?"


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                    I was trying to post a pic of my favorite moment this summer on mine on a trail, but the picture was HUGE! So here's a link to my blog with a couple short videos of me on mine this summer if you're interested
                    my website & blog