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    Wow Jeff,

    My wife reminded me that there are plenty of weeds to pull at my house!

    Ryan, here's the pic showing the handle.



      Got it, Thanks!!
      T8/9 (2-24-06)


        Freewheel Use and Abuse update

        Pat, etal,
        I am loving the freewheel.
        It really ups the level of what I can accomplish in my chair.

        I've been using my freewheel everyday working around the yard.
        And it's a small yard with many projects in progress. As a consequence I've had it in just about every conceivable position and situation, many of them really awkward. It's held up to all of the abuse that I have put it through and has made every task (except opening gates) easier, safer, and more doable.
        I really like being able to stretch waay out front of my chair to reach stuff, never having to worry about a face plant.

        And indeed, it's a great trunk workout. My trunk strength has noticeably improved.

        Goo Job,



          I saw this was either this forum or web surfing but check out I thought it was great
          What ever doesn't kill you makes you stronger


            Hey Jeff,

            That's outstanding! It's very satisfying to hear that using the FreeWheel(tm) Wheelchair Attachment not only opens possibilities in terms of access and activities, but also allows more stability to tax new muscles that aren't used in pushing just your chair.

            One guy told me he went out and played Frisbie golf for the first time because he could push across the grass now. You couldn't wipe that ear-to-ear smile off his face!





              Hey all,
              My FreeWheel finally showed up in the mail a few days ago. I can honestly say I wish I'd had this thing since day one of my injury. We have a nice large back yard, but until a few days ago I spent most of my time on the deck, watching my daughter play with the dog. That is definitely no longer the case - I'm right down there with them now!

              I also took the dog for a walk with it - we have fairly rough, pitted roads in my area, and no sidewalks. To get any speed requires a lot of work, and usually I'd come home more tired than the dog. Not so anymore! She ran the whole way, and we went much further than I would usually be capable of. It was a lot of fun!

              Last night we went to a bbq put on by a co-worker. They have a huge, hilly back yard with gravel pathways. The freelwheel moved across the gravel with ease - it felt more like a tight-pile carpet than gravel. Without the freewheel I would have parked myself by a table and probably not moved much until it was time to go home. With it, I was free to move about the whole yard - take the tour, play with the dogs, chase after our little toddler - it was a completely different experience.

              Thanks Pat - I love this thing!


                Hi Taziar,

                Stop it some more!

                It's funny, I'm not exactly sure who you are! There are so many different names on chat rooms and email, but what does it matter. You have found what I found, that getting out can be done and is good for you. You sound stoked!

                Another angle on using the FreeWheel is that it makes pushing outside so much easier that it encourages me to push more. I can go out with my jogging wife, run the dog and get the kids out of mom's hair!




                  You can now buy the Freewheel at