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    Originally posted by AO View Post
    One thing I still can't do is pour boiled water to make tea, or pour from a hot coffee pot into a mug.

    Any solutions for quad hands to achieve that?
    For tea I put water in a travel mug, no lid, put it in my microwave and push beverage twice (for 500 ml). When it is done I put in a tea bag. Plenty hot, but not boiling and no pouring so it is much safer.


      I have a Keurig coffee maker where you just drop the cup in and push the button. I have it come out into an insulated thermos mug with a huge handle that I can insert my hand in. I will try to post a link for the mug if I can find it.....


        Here is the link for the mug I use. It is really well insulated and never gets even warm on the outside, let alone hot. It keeps coffee or tea hot for a few hours, and the handle is far enough away from the mug that my hand slips in there nicely. You can also bounce this thing off the floor and it won't be harmed, except maybe for a dent.


          i have a single pod coffee maker - made by petra, a german company. the philips senseo is probably the most common. they also make tea... i buy pods in bulk from and theyre very good in terms of price, choice and speed. it works out much cheaper than buying cups of coffee, and is still a high quality. check out for reviews on all the different styles...

          i am continually on the lookout for leak-proof coffee mugs, and this is the one im using at the moment: it has a big button in the centre of the lid that you have to stab at with whatever is available to open or close the drinking-hole, but when its shut you can knock the mug over or even turn it upside down and shake, and nothing spills. the only possible downside (so far, been using it for 2 months) is that if you dont take your coffee black, no sugar, you need to be very careful washing it, as the seals trap little bits of liquid. in fact, if you like the milky sweet stuff, there are other options. which i also have. like i said, continually on the lookout...
          (that nissan one that eileen posted is one of the best)


            I've heard there are teapot tippers, like this:

            But personally, I just put my teapot away, now I boil water in the microwave. Then I pour it into a Forlife teapot, and add the teabag.

            Pictures of the tea pot:

            My tea pot has a hinge lid, so I don't have to lift the lid off, I just push down the lever to open the lid. Also, I don't have to hold the teapot lid in place when I pour, which is great!

            And, it's tiny compared to my old stove-top tea pot, so it's not too heavy or bulky to prevent me from lifting and pouring.

            However, I should point out, I'm a C8, I don't know how much less hand function I could have and still be able to make tea that way.


              Originally posted by chick View Post

              *Please add your ideas and any Quad Hand Tricks and Tools you have*

              TYPING (below pic):
              I type punching one letter at a time, using a stick made from a toothbrush.
              I prefer this than the standard adaptive typing stick, because it is more secure and I have greater control (but this may differ greatly depending on one's hand tightness/flaccidity).
              I then started to use the end of a toothbrush - specifically 'Oral-B' since it has a thick rubbery handle, that aids in holding the handle very securely btwn fingers. I can hit pretty hard and the brush not move, whereas other thinner/smoother handles would move. No finger control; passive function.

              Cutting off the brush head and melting the tip smooths edges and rounds the end off.
              **warning: melts and burns quickly**
              The narrow tapered tip helps to hit keys fairly accurately.
              Sorry for bringing up an old thread but I want to say thanks for sharing. Toothbrush typing sticks are affordable(no formal OT assesment )

              With 1 typing stick(Im a hemp and Im planning on using two sticks) I have no wrist movement and really tight tendons and a broken thumb that set at a really shape and spaz fingers and a contracted elbow.Most of movement for typing comes from the shoulder so we(i live with a equipment tech/wheelchair with an interest in hands)are going to bend it down at a right angle(will add photos)

              Totally agree and love Oral B toothbrushes for typing sticks


                Recently, some change in my bladder management required me to find a way to access my stoma in a lower position, thus a need to get pants down in order to access it, so I came up with the idea of a bungee cord to pull and hold pant waist down.

                One end of the hook can easily hook onto any part of the frame of your chair, and you pull the other hook end to your pants. The bungee cord can be adjusted as needed for length and resistance - the shorter and tighter, the lower the pants are pulled, and taut enough to yank down even relatively tight pants.

                The cord is easy to manage with 1 hand, and easy to use for those with little or no finger dexterity (motor function). It's small enough to not get in the way while cathing and is very compact for travel.


                  Chick, I too use an elastic bungee cord when wearing a strapless maxi dress or romper.
                  "The sweet is not as sweet without the bitter"
                  ~"Vanilla Sky"~


                    oh great tip thanks, I still have some pants that arent low rise and sometimes slip slowly up.
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