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Questions re new TDX SP Joystick

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  • Questions re new TDX SP Joystick

    Hello everyone,
    I finally received my Invacare TDX SP and had some questions regarding the chair. My old chair is an Invacare arrow storm with the MK IV A joystick which has nothing in front of the joystick housing. The new chair has a MK 6 joystick which has a raised display in the housing in front of the joystick itself. I've always steered my chairs by resting the palm of my hand on top of the joystick for control and never had any problems. The problem I'm having in the new chair is my fingers are rubbing against the display as I try to steer left or right.

    I have some use of my fingers but not much so while my hand is on top of the joystick my fingers are curled slightly down causing them to rub against the display. My vendor told me of the different joysticks available for this chair but we decided the MK 6 would be best for my chair. I don't recall the reasons why we decided this but I believe that the displays on the other types of joysticks would be even more obtrusive. While building the chair, the techs were able to mount the joystick housing at a slight downward angle with hopes my fingers wouldn't rub against the display. I'm going back to the vendor for several adjustments to the chair including the joystick housing.

    I was wondering how many out there have this same problem and how have you overcome it?
    What types of joysticks do you use. Also, do you know if Frogs Legs types shocks are available for this chair? I do like the new chair but it sure has a bumpy ride. Thanks for any info!
    Dan G. in CT

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    Sounds like you need the Invacare MK6i Personal Switch Front (PSF) which is similar to the MKIV A series joystick.