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has anyone here ever built a beach wheelchair?

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    Bog down? Hell, with those balloon tires I want to know if it would bounce off of the beach if you landed hard off of a sand dune, and does it float?

    Cool powerchair!


      Can you rent one for vacation?
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        did you build that??? is great! i also hate the beach chairs that make me rely on someone else to be my "pusher". i hate that!!!! this chair is great!


          i saw this ( at - $939, with an additional 10% off. thats not bad... and its the pediatric version, so it has a 16x16 seat and 18 stf - which would put me in a better position than when i rent one of those huge towering things that leaves me clinging to the armrests in terror of tipping over... but a power one would be cool. i was reading ages ago about some company that rents them out - maybe in san diego? cant remember...

          eta: accessible san diego,
          i think the one they use in san diego is the beach cruzr:
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            Thanks for the compliments. Yes I built that chair, I just finished the fourth one a few days ago. I first tried the hotshot's chair in the above post at mission beach, san diego and I was hooked. I hadn't been on a beach in over 20 years and it was an awesome experience. However the chair was uncomfortable to say the least and not very well built imo. Plus the fact that they sell for $8000. So I decided to build my own. Then I built one for a friend. Then we decided to add a beach chair program to another friends non-profit foundation that promotes wheelchair karting. We hope to have events where we can get disabled people back on the beach. Currently we 've agreed to donate our time and chairs to a few disabled surfing organizations here in So. Cal.
            We,ve been using them on a number of beaches out here for the last two years and they work great. The motors aren't affected by the sand because the shaft bearings are sealed and they have plenty of power to go through some really deep sand.
            I haven't tried to market them yet but i'm not opposed to selling them.
            They're not cheap to build, it takes me about 30 hours(C6 Quad time) to fabricate the parts and assemble a chair.

            JenJen if your on vacation out here and would like to use one, you can contact me through either of the contact pages on or


              Where can I find a beach wheelchair for 800?


                My beach wheelchair is a Rikshaw

                Hi, saw the thread and here is my two cents!

                Here I am in my 3rd beach chair. My wife pulls me with the handle at my feet.

                I have built two others that allowed me to access the ocean but I have serious ear problems so no swimming for a year or so!

                I'll put up some photos and explain how this rikshaw was put together.

                I used an old Quickie GP frame though, hard to find used wheelchairs.

                I made my first one out of PVC tubing

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                  plans for beach wheelchair

                  where did u get the plans to build ur beach chair. I will be needing one for the summer & I can't afford to buy one already made. Any help would greatly be appreicated. thanks


                    My beach wheelchair


                    What you see here is an old Quickie ridged frame WC with the front casters forks and brakes removed. The wheels are Wheeleez I think 16 1/2 inch wheels that are sold on several on line dealers.

                    I bought mine from Hank, at Hotshot products in Torrance CA. He machines a special axle converter that allows the Wheeleez wheels to be mounted to the standard wheelchair axle plate. Iʻm guessing that they cost me $200 the tires were, what $280 for two?

                    I used electrical conduit with a thin steel pipe inserted inside the conduit to give the rickshaw style pull handle and leg rest more strength about $60.

                    If youʻre interested Iʻll put up a couple of photos of the cart so you can see how it is put together. It is a breeze for my wife to pull over sand grass and rough ground. She sewed a large beach towel to cover the handle/leg rest with. It stretches over the conduit and comes off to wash once in a while.

                    BUT; You will need an old wheelchair for the frame/seat.

                    For a total cost of about $540 I have a rugged all around beach or forest trail rickshaw.

                    I am in the process of making a beach chair for a quad friend that is being made using PVC. In about a week Iʻll have it together enough so as to see how I am making it. The difference here is the price: about $400.
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                      Talk to Don Krebs at Access to Recreation. A few years ago, he guided me in building a power beach wheelchair out of an old Ranger powerchair for my husband. It worked extremely well, especially handling the dunes.

                      Only bad thing was that my husband was so excited to be back on a beach (its been 40 years) that he drove the chair right into the surf! Fried the computer, etc. Fortunately there were some young French Canadian guys there that were able to carry him and the chair out of the ocean.

                      I got to push my husband back to the house!!!!

                      I rebuilt the chair, got a new computer, etc.

                      Don is really cool and with his connections, he can make things happen- nice guy. Here is the link to his site:


                        Forgot to mention that there was a beach wheelchair for sale in Va Beach for $400 on Craigslist. You find them every now and then...

                        If you haven't checked it out, Grommet Island is chair friendly and has beach wheelchairs to loan:


                          DIY beach wheelchair

                          Harbor freight sells small trailer tires..(may have other tires available, like larger size solid tires for dollys, wheelbarrows, wagons and such) for around 30.00 a tire, however they may be a bit heavy. I was just going to take the tires off my daughter's wheelchair, cut a couple lengths of PVC pipe and "U"bolt them under/along the existing axles, and attach some larger wheels with a cotter pin type of set up. Then I don't have to haul 2 wheelchairs to the beach.It sure would save a bunch of money and time.


                            Rickshaw beach chair

                            You will want to check out what Hank is doing with alterations to wheelchairs for beach use. He sells the wheelez rubber wheels and a stainless steel adapter that is used to attach the wheels to a wheelchair.

                            You will have to let him know exactly what type axle plate is on the wheelchair. I had a 10 year old Quickie that I adapted with his set up for beach use and it is in my opinion 90% right on!

                            He also makes some basic beach wheelchairs.

                            Hot Shot products - Redondo Beach, CA
                            Gary Is = L-1 Para for 34 years.....................


                              Who makes the best shower chair that has THICK CUSHIONING for a Pressure Wound?

                              I gotz a pressure wound thatz needs a very soft shower chair.
                              Any help in locating one is appreciated and
                              Olive Oil left me


                                Just get a set of these 8x2" casters

                                and then a pair of these 26x4.8" tires and you'll be set!