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how do you get insurance to pay for exercise equipment?

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  • how do you get insurance to pay for exercise equipment?

    I have blue cross blue shield. If I purchase some exercise equipment is there a way or possible that they would pay for it? How would I go about it?

    Thank you

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    Sorry to go off topic, but your name intrigued me. Then I looked at your pictures. I know those beaches very well. I've traveled the mainland from Crowne Haven to Sandy Point many times. It is truely a jewel! We generally split our time between Great Guana Cay and Treasure Cay. Where do you call home?


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      Before insurance would pay for equipment a doctor would have to write a prescription for it. Some insurance will some wont. I have known of insurance to buy a chair lift.


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        I was born on Green Turtle Cay, raised just out of Treasure Cay (Sand Banks) I moved to Florida about two years ago. Good to hear that you love the Abaco's My dad was born on Guana by the way.


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          I'm sure I know some of your family on Guana. I may have even met you at the Tipsy. It is not as easy to get there as it was before injury. But everyone is so helpful, it hardly matters that accessiblity is so bad. What a scene I create boarding the ferry! Once, during a difficult tide, the captain plucked me off the dock, and plopped me down like a big old sack of flour.


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            Yeah it's not accessible, I used to always have to make my own way. After my injury in 91 I never went to any of the outer islands. You use a manual chair? I'm in a power chair so the ferry would be scary That's great that they accomodate you, Bahamians are nice


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              I use a manual chair. I also use a walker. I suppose with a power chair, you would have to get loaded onto the frieght boat by fork lift to get to the Cays. That would be scary!

              Did you take your pictures from your chair?


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                Yes all from my chair. I use a walker as well but only inside and with assistance about 20 minutes a day.


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                  My husband has Lifewise Ins. To get his equipment (Apex7000 and Scifit bike) his Doc and PT had to write letters of nesessity. Also the purchasing dept. at the hospital had to agree to buy the equip. and bill ins. The reason the hospital had to buy it was because all the the equipment suppliers were " out of network".

                  We were pretty lucky the hospital agreed to do that otherwise Jeremy would have been SOL.

                  hope you get what you need!!!

                  Jennifer - Married to Jeremy (C-5 inc. brown-sequard) mommy of two little drama queens