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Kneel-Chain on Braun Entervan Frozen

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    Kneel-Chain on Braun Entervan Frozen

    I own a '00 Chrysler Town & Country w/a Braun Entervan conversion. I recently brought the van to a Meineke shop to have muffler replaced. The shop's mechanic called me & told me the van's kneel-chain was frozen and had cut a hole in the exhaust. He said I'd have to replace the chain prior to getting a new exhaust. Problem is, I can't get the chain replaced until 11/28. Is it OK to use the van in the interim? The mechanic at Meineke thought it would be OK but it seems to me the exhaust has gotten a bit louder since then. Thanks for any info.
    Dan G. in CT

    Hello; I don`t think it matters as long as no fumes are entering the van to be sure leave the window open a crack so you don`t inhale any existing fumes.
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