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Help w/ External Drainage Bag at night.

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    Yeah, we're doing that now. After many months w/o. I guess we've been using those pads from Alkare for a couple months now. Another tip was to use a blow dryer to make sure the penis is totally dry. Anyone know a good cheap source for the prep pads? Medicare will not cover these.


      Still having some issues here..I checked on dad, he is not convinced it is working. THere was a bit of urine in the tube and upstream from the loop, so I manipulated that bit down into the bag hoping to preserve the vaccum effect. Came back again and still some urine in the tube upstream of the loop, did same thing again. So...I take it that I dont want to remove the tube from the condom tip as that would destroy the vacuum? Obviously that would make it drain easier, at least I think so. How do others handle it when the urine remains in the tube above the loop? Do nothing? or attempt to flow it downward by force of gravity and air bubbles moving upward? Thanks for all your help..


        easy goer, if you look at the pictures, you'll notice that there empty areas in the tube. as long as the bag is well under the level of the tube on the bed, it will drain.


        ...and make sure that the loop is set in such a way that the exit part of the loop is under the part that attaches to the condom.

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          Once i get the vacuum, I've never had draining issue. Infact until it get the vacuum I worry.


            If the tube is downhill all the way from the catheter, around the loop, over the edge of the bed & into the bag (or milk jug or bleach bottle, whatever), then you would have neither urine remaining in the tube nor any vacuum effect. Of course that's really hard to do. Definitely you want the urine to flow down out of the catheter & have the loop lower still. If the loop is 'slanted' a bit & fills before the urine goes over the edge of the bed, then you'll get the vacuum w/o too much initial back pressure.
            Personally, I use a tempurpedic pad to stay on my back all night, & using a folded washcloth as a levelling base pad under the loop, try to get downhill flow all the way. We put a clip on the hose at the edge of the bed, leaving the loop free to provide slack for minor shifts due to spasms. We put a soft strap across my knees to prevent major shifts due to spasms.
            Oh yeah, about washing before putting on the catheter (I use the Hollister Inview Extra - works better than WideBand, try diff brands & sizes!), cleanliness is next to stickiness.

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              Night drain

              I use a Urocare Night Drain bottle and never have any problems. When I go in the hospital I take it with me. Check:



                Question: Can you recreate the vaccuum effect by draining a little out of the bag? Like this evening, dad's catheter/condom came off. So we put a new one on and then set up the night bag/loop etc. SInce the condom was off it could mess up the vaccuum so I drained most of the urine out of the bag after reattaching. Does this make sense, to recreate the vacuum?

                Q2: All weather mentioned a "slant" in the loop. Do you mean if the upper part of the loop is near the edge of the bed? So that the urine goes uphill just prior to going over the edge of the bed. Or do you mean it is higher on the side of the condom. So that it is going down hill to the loop and then fairly level to the bed? Thanks.

                LaoZi: Yes I figured out that loop underneath part quite readily. Me and my wife both looked closely at that photo and figured that out. QUestion about the looping over the leg: this is also necessary to create the vacuum?

                For Your information: I got a call back from the technical people (dont know what to call them) at Bard. THey dont recommend putting a loop in the tubing. Go figure. Should I pursue it with them, or not even worth it?

                Thanks again everyone, it is a promising start with the night bag.


                  Oh another question: we are using one of those velcro bands that go around the thigh in order to hold the tube in place along the thigh at night. But does this section of tubing being relatively horizontal hurt the suction effect? I see in Lao's photos that he seems to bring that tube directly over the upper thigh, probably directly from the penis. so the tube goes uphill right from the penis. Any thoughts on that?


                    Well it's still draining pretty well after third night. didnt collect alot only 250 CC but maybe some leaked out.

                    I think the next issue is getting these condom/catheters to stay on. ANother got matted this morning. I think the main issue here is matting, they tend to stick together. Time to look at different brands? Twisting is another issue but related too. Maybe time to start another thread?

                    Please keep any answers coming for above. thx.


                      Twisting will cause a blowout.
                      Output is totally a personal thing, and how much has been drunk.

                      The thigh thing could be problems, as it means more volume before it's down to the bag.

                      Good luck, and size does matter.


                        The skin must be clean and dry before applying the condom. If not, it will never adhere properly. After the skin is clean and dry, use a barrier wipe. This will not only help the condom stay on, it will protect the skin.

                        I just use a bedside drainage bag, 2000lm. I don't try to attach the tubing to myself or the bed. I used to clip it to the bed, but it's just not needed and that will interfere with movement/turning.

                        I have a dresser next to my bed that has handles on it that let me hang the bag so that it just above the floor. The hose attaches right to the condom, and as long as I'm careful not to let the tip get twisted it works great and will even drain up over me after I roll over. The suction will develop on it's own after the first good urination of the night.


                          I wipe the area where the adhisive goes with rubbing alcholol before applying skin prep, to make sure the skin in cleaned well, condoms seem to stay on longer.


                            Yeah okay, I am going to start a separate thread on the condom holding thing. I think we are making progress there, although twisting may still be an issue.

                            Right now we have that thigh strap on high up on the thigh so it is close to the penis in order that the tube comes out of the fly in the pajamas. This does not look right to me for reason mentioned: too much tubing is down there. My wife feels that the thigh strap is necessary to keep the condom positioned straight (avoids pushing to one side or the other) and that it helps a little to prevent twisting.

                            So once again we are back to the condom thing.


                              Dammit, this situation is still effed up. I used an alcohol prep pad to wipe the penis and got a real good fit, the condom rolled up easy and all the way to the base. Now an hour later, it has started to slip down and the whole thing is filled with urine. So I manipulated the tube in order to get it to drain so Im hoping that will create more vacuum.

                              But the condom seems to have matted some and I dont know what to think: Is it the diaper? Do others wear diapers? The edge of my dad's diaper cuts right into the condom, is this the cause of the matting? Or is it the urine collected in there for an hour? Or does the vacuum effect itself cause this?

                              I got rid of the thigh strap as unnecessary but maybe the lack of it is causing the matting?

                              DO many of the citizens here wear diapers? See I am thinking this is part of the problem, it is cutting right in on the condom....


                                I sleep Nakid, but in the day I wear boxers with the tube going out the leg, like the posted pics.

                                I'm not sure by what you mean by "matted"
                                Another questin... Why does it have to go over his thigh? Why can't the tube go in front?

                                With the condom... Make sure the skin is dry..