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    ok, i turned footplate around, put back on my tension adj. back at 14 in. high.

    it feels ok. i just need my feet kicked out more....


      Remeasured my frame length...

      OK. Hype and I both have 16" seat depths on ZRc's with 85 degree frames. My rear plug to front of footrest measurement came out to 24" exactly--the overall length of my framing square. Hype said his was 21 3/4". That's 2 1/4" difference.

      Even if one chair has 24" wheels and the other has 25" wheels, someone must be off. I am a professional and thousands of taxpayer dollars are riding on the accuracy of my measurements when I spec out wheelchairs for our country's veterans. Who are you going to believe?

      Turns out my footrest is about 1/4" shorter than my framing square (I was measuring it last night in my dimly lit garage). That would make it 23 3/4" Still a full 2" off.

      Who measured more accurately? I have no doubt it was Hype.

      I was using the square this afternoon on another project and realized the distance from the inside edge to the outside edge of the framing square is 1 1/2". It was the inside edge that came into contact with the rear plug,

      Therefore I need to revise my measurement for the overall length of my frame...

      .....24.00" (my reported measurement)
      ..-......25" (poor lighting)
      ..-.. 1.50" (width between inside and outside edges of square)
      .....22.25" The actual length of my frame.

      That would be about 22" from the front of the back post to the front of the footrest.

      Good thing I don't use a framing square at work!


        Good thing you don't have that square at work!

        I don't have a square so the way I measured it yesterday was using a measuring tape and a piece of fishing line tied to a small weight. I had someone hold the end of the measuring tape at the rear plastic cap, with me holding the other end stretching it straight to the front of the chair so the tape is close to parallel to the the ground. I then used the fishing line with a small weight tied to the end; holding the line so the weight is hanging creating a line thats perpendicular to the ground. With the fishing line hanging, I held it so its next to the measuring tape and the hanging line slightly touching the front edge of the foot rest and read the measurment that way. Such a ghetto way of measuring, lol.
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        May 2000, T4-5 Complete.



          ok.....i called at 7:55 this morning an changed to 17 deep an 15 rear stf, 19 1/2 front stf, 16" seat to footrest with 24" rear wheels.

          hopefully this'll get my frame out to around 24". 16 deep just feels kinda short under my longish thighs.

          now just the wait to see if i'm whining to ya'll or smiling in a few weeks.


            hahaha, hohoho..............

            ya know what i just noticed????????

            the upholstery is a 1/4 inch off the backpost on my gpv and 1/2 inch off the backpost of my eclipse. now i'm wondering if i screwed up ROYALE.

            am i thinking too much into it........ ya reckon? i've been known to do that, lol. i'm gettin 17 deep regardless, now. if it's too long i'll sell the eclipse and tilite on ebay an know what fits me, hahaha.

            pray fer a brutha, haha.


              i called ti. they said 17 deep only adds an inch to frame length onto the TR/ZR frame, vs...3 in. on anything over 16" on a box frame type chair. so hopefully goin by hype's measurement with 24" wheels an 85 degree frnt. my 17 deep an 80 degree aughta bring my foot out to around, 23 1/2 ish. i just hope the cushion don't hit the back of my legs. i can't stand that. i had a good 2 to 3 inches in between on the 16 deep, 90 degree.....


                anybody know about how long it takes for build and delivery over georgia way?


                  took mine about 6-8 weeks
                  C5-6 - 22 years


                    owwww...i was hopin 3 to 4. oh well, might as well sit back an relax.


                      Originally posted by rollin64
                      anybody know about how long it takes for build and delivery over georgia way?
                      Mine took 19 days from the day I ordered my chair online through SportAid's website until delivery.


                        Mine took 3 weeks from the day sportaid submitted my order to the day I got the chair.
                        May 2000, T4-5 Complete.



                          i know my colours chair came exactly 3 wks to the day i ordered it. i payed outta pocket thru allegro medical.