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Anyone have a ricon or braun WC lift?

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  • Anyone have a ricon or braun WC lift?

    I had a Target lift 22 years with zero problems, now i got a braun (8 years old) and it needs to go to the shop a second time in less than a year. The small hydraulic return hose popped off, oil everywhere. The last time it was for a leaky seal. What I don't like about the braun lifts there are to many unessisary moving parts. What has your expirences with theses lifts been like. I alway did think ricons were better.
    Wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.
    Bob Seger

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    I have a Ricon Uni-Lite lift on my Ford Econoline van. I originally had a Golden Boy (or Golden something) swing-away (or swing-out) type lift and replaced it with the Ricon. It lifts my Quickie P-300 and me just fine. It's mechanical and no hydraulics involved. My door-opener, hand controls and emergency brake also are all Ricon. Only my 6-way power driver's seat is a B & D brand. I've had no problems with the lift. My only problems have been a snagged cable at the seat that operates the lift and a door-opener motor/gearbox went bad. Other than that I've had no problems with Ricon.

    That said, Ricon seems too be selling out and breaking up. I think VMI now owns one part of them and some other big-name company owns the rest. Their large lifts (or commercial) division is owned by that big company and I'm not sure what all VMI now owns.

    Braun equipment to me has always been very heavy-duty and bulky. The Braun lift was too much for my E-150, so I went with Ricon. I have the sliding door and not the double swing-out doors, so the Ricon fit in the narrower space where the Braun would not.


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      I have a 1990 Ford Econoline van. I have a Golden Boy swing-away type lift on it. . THE MOTOR ON THE LIFT HAS A BRAKE ON THE END OF IT. The brake has gone bad. DO YOU STILL HAVE YOUR OLD LIFT OR KNOW WHERE I COULD GET PARTS. THANKS, ANDY


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        As ROXnROLZ suggested, the all-electric Ricon lifts (R30, Uni-Lite, etc.) do perform well over time. There are some advantages in the absence of a hydraulic system in the all-electric lift models (e.g., no hydraulic fluid leaks, no hydraulic pump and hoses, less sensitivity to temperature, etc.).


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          I had a Target lift for many years too. I currently have a Braun Millennium lift and I love it. I've had it for 6 years with only 1 problem with the micro switches that drifted out of adjustment and was quickly realigned.