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SpinLife or Sportaid?

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    I had a bad experience with Spinlife so I am not a fan of them. An order was totally screwed up but because it was "custom" I the short end of the stick.
    Virtually ALL wheelchairs and handcycles fall into the custom catagory
    Every day I wake up is a good one


      I've used both, mostly SportAid in the past, but I no longer give SportAid my business, and prefer SpinLife, and where I bought my latest chair, a chair I would've bought at SportAid until this last year...

      March 28, 2011
      I’ve just been blocked on Facebook from SportAid’s page, and they’ve now officially lost my business for good.
      They posted this on their Facebook page…
      Sportaid: "I know many of you are wondering why Sportaid is not going to carry the Freewheel any more. The truth is that Pat Dougherty won’t sell it to us any more. Pat enjoyed the increased product awareness that our marketing brought him - advertisements, search engine marketing, New Product Rodeo, etc. But now he thinks he should sell direct, and cut us out of the picture. More $$ in Pat’s pocket. Did you know that Pat would not allow us to discount this product? Offering you free shipping was the best we could do. And now he wants the retailers profit margin too. Tell us, Pat, how much are you going to gouge your fellow wheelers for now? This is, after all, a relatively simple design… made in Taiwan (says so right on the box) - probably costs less than a $100… Still going to sell it for $500?? PLUS SHIPPING?? I bet you do. After all, anyone who would allow us to put all that time & money into marketing, and then pull the rug out from under our feet - AND IN THE PROCESS IS ARROGANT ENOUGH TO ADVERTISE ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE WHEN WE ANNOUNCE IT IS BEING DISCONTINUED… yea, that sounds like your speed, Pat."
      I posted a comment that was quickly deleted by SportAid. This was my comment…
      "While it may have been uncool for Pat to link to his site here on your Facebook page, it is completely DISHONEST to say that a product “is being discontinued” when the truth is you’re just no longer going to carry/sell it yourself.

      And while it can be argued that the FreeWheel is overpriced, it is disingenuous for a SportAid representative to talk about price gouging when 99% of the products you sell are price gouged, just as is the case with 99% of any product related to disability. Where is your outrage about the rest of the overpriced products you sell?

      I’ve bought many things from SportAid many times over the years and I’ve appreciated their customer service, but these posts here by a SportAid representative are extremely unprofessional. This kind of thing should be discussed behind the scenes, with lawyers if there’s been some breach of contract. And if there’s been no such breach, then this is just publicly crying about sour grapes. In any event, this is more a black eye on SportAid as a company than it is on Pat as a businessman.

      PS - I do not own a FreeWheel. I just wanted to voice my opinion and my disgust as a SportAid customer."
      I'd always had great customer service from SportAid, but no one from SportAid respond to my emails to customer support regarding this incident. They showed me clearly that my business meant nothing to them. So I went to SpinLife and Bike-On to get my new chair, and they both offered to beat the SportAid pice by at least $100. Bike-On got back with me first, and I went with them and got great customer service. I've since bought a new Roho with SpinLife.