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SCI-OTR? or anybody-tilite aero-z

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    SCI-OTR? or anybody-tilite aero-z

    i like this chair cause of the frame style but am concerned about the weight.

    my dme says they know i can get an invacare A-4 titanium with no problem.

    spinlife has the A-4 at 13lbs, which i know isn't correct. says the tilite aero-z is 22lbs.... that scares me off the aero-z. thats about the same as my old quickie gpv?????????

    any experienced info? or any constructive criticism on the aero-z???????? looks like it would be lighter than a gpv.

    i'm 16x16, 85 degree front, anti-tips an have a jetstream low back. tilite says they use spinergy spokes as standard. are they lighter than reg. spoked rims?

    my decision time is nearing an i want something "GOOD", haha.
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    My A-4 is like 38-40lbs

    The weight probably stripped right down.


      Yeah, I have an A-4 and it's heavy shit. I will be ordering a better/lighter one in a few months.


        On the tilite catalogue, it says that the 16x16 AeroZ weighs 13.2lbs with all the standard features except for real wheels. Throw in a pair of spinergy LX wheels (2.9lbs each with aluminum handrims) on there and the chair will be at 19lbs. I say the chair will be at around 22-24lbs with standard brakes and depending on what cushions you go with. With anti-tips (3 lbs?)and jetstream low back(around 1 lbs) too, I don't know...maybe around 26-28 lbs total?
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          The AeroZ is lighter than a GPV and comparable to a Quickie GT in weight, but is slightly more efficient to push. I suspect it is lighter than an A4 as well. I prefer TiLIte's standard Velcro adjustable back upholstery over the standard Quickie or Invacare upholstery (especially if you do the "adjustable tension by bungee" modification from my thread earlier this week ). Same goes for the quality of the side guards and backrest hardware. If you fit well in your GPV, you can also replicate the V front frame and pick up adjustable tension by straps seat upholstery with the C package. You can get a V front end on an A4, but you can't specify footrest width and must go with the heavier adjustable angle footplate. Cantilevered frame will also make the AeroZ easier to load into a vehicle.

          The thing I don't understand is that the AeroZ only a couple of hundred bucks less than a ZRa