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Transferring into a car with a folding chair

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  • Transferring into a car with a folding chair

    I've seen videos of people doing car transfers with rigid chairs, but it is possible to transfer with a folding chair? I have a TiLite Tx and I'm wondering if it is going to be a problem when I start driver's training.

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    The folding car transfer is all I've ever known. I think Curt is familiar as well.

    The only problem is finding a car that has enough room from behind the driver's seat to the back seat to fit a folded up chair.

    I can see in the future that I'm going to have to learn how to break a rigid down ... this seems to be where the wheelchair and automobile industry is headed.
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      I think (just my opinion) that it depends on the car you plan on getting into. I have a Grand Prix, with electric seats and have no problem at all getting my folding chair in. I have a quickie 2. I just move the seat in the car all the way forward, and then pull the chair in behind me front first. I don't take the chair apart all, just fold it. There is plenty of room back there to fit the chair. I'm guessing that your chair would fit the same (or pretty close). I think anyways...