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    I'm on the hunt for a new apartment, and having a heck of a time finding a place with no stairs, washer/dryer on site (or hook up), close parking, and (most importantly) affordable.

    I've stumbled on a few places that fit the bill, but no W/D or hookup. Obviously, schlepping laundry to the laundromat is nearly impossible.

    A friend clued me into something today that I thought I'd pass on to you guys, in case anyone else is living in a place w/o laundry.

    They actually make portable washer/dryers that don't require hookups or a vent. LG makes 2 models, as do a few other companies. You hook them up just like a portable dishwasher (with the hose that attaches to a sink). From the reviews I've read, they don't dry as well as a tradional dryer, and they have smaller capacity. But hell, it's better than the landromat, and knowing this is a possibility has opened the door for a few apartments that I otherwise would have written off. I might be the last person on the face of the earth to know about this...
    Disclaimer: I use voice dictation software, due to chronic tendinitis. Any gibberish-type errors in this post are due to the software's stupidity, not my own. Protect your arms and hands from overuse, people!

    hmmmm! That would have been nice to know when I was aprtment hunting. The places that I looked at had you pay your utilities if it had a washer/dryer or a hook up were without you didn't pay utilities.
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      They also make units that do both washing and drying. So you put in dirty clothes and take out dry clean ones. The drying cycle is not efficient though. see Actually, get the NAHB's Directory of Accessible Building Products, they have a bunch of stuff in there. Get it here You just have to pay shipping and handling.