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  • advice pls for new life

    hi there

    If your a quad, or have a quad friend who use a manual wheelchair pls tell me what he use, name or link.

    I'm C5 ASIA B, and looking for a manual wheelchair, but i don't have any re-saler in the area in order to try. My only choice is to buy from on-line stores.

    I have biceps, weak wrists, weak triceps, some equilibrium and no finger movement. I can't make now the transfer from bed to w/c but I hope in near future, with help of proper w/c I'll do that.

    many thx
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    I have an older quickie gpv that I will sell you. It has an ez lock lockdown on it for driving a vab, but I can take it off if you dont need it...let me know if you're interested.
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      Every person with your type of injury will be different, so it is unlikely any one person can provide the simple answer you seek. You should think of this as a process and will be able to form your own conclusions over time. Where do you live where you can't consider getting access to a demo?

      Here are a couple of recent threads which are ongoing...

      jbinny's new TiLite ZRa

      Quads pushing manual chairs

      Be prepared for some extensive reading and parental discretion is advised.


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        I'm living in romania.
        Thx for ur advices, and pls don't stop. I need your opinions and experience. I'll prefer to try some, but i don't have access to any and this is my only choice.
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