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    Question about Handcycles

    Hi Guys an Gals,

    I live in the UK and have found a recumbent handcycle for sale for £800 (Varna 27 speed Speed Handcycle) and I currently use a Chevron Easyrider which is attached to a Quickie chair. I love going out and about on it but find it's way too scary going on main roads so I tend to stick to country roads where it's quieter and can hear any traffic coming. So my question is... my legs don't have much muscle on them (Chicken legs as my girlfriend calls them!!) and therefore don't weigh much and I find when out on my handcycle that if I go up a steep hill that the front wheel slips on the tarmac and I end up pushing on the rims until the hill flattens out and I can get traction and cycle away but with a recumbent obviously you can't push on the rear wheels as they're too far back (or have I got that wrong?!). If I do buy the recumbent handcycle will I find that the front wheel will loose traction and therefore I get stuck on the hill or is the front end heavy enough to cope?!

    Please help as I would love a recumbent handcycle and this one's going cheap!!

    Thank you in advance!!


    Hi Chris,
    I used a second hand Varna a lot for a few years, including a Lands End to John O'Groats trip a couple of summers ago. Wheelspin is not an issue - you loose a bit of traction going up steep hills in the rain or when they are covered in mud or gravel but you still get up by pedaling, even if you have to turn the cranks a few more times to reach the top. The Varna would not be a good trike for off-roading but so lang as you are on the road it is good. They are a lot faster than a clip on and as they are lower to the ground so you can corner faster before you flip over sideways. You can still flip but you quickly learn where the balance point is at different speeds on different corners. They are well built trikes that are easy to maintain and alot of fun to ride. A purpose built handcycle is a different league to a clip on and if the Varna is going cheap and is in reasonable condition you should get it.