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new cover for my stimulite sport?

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  • new cover for my stimulite sport?

    i got a stimulite sport a few months ago on my tr, and hate the cushion cover. it has a white(ish) inner cover that is cotton tshirt material, and seems to negate all the 'breathable' features of the stimulite - if i spill anthing on the cushion, even a drop, it soaks into the cotton and stays damp for hours, and if its anything other than water it stains and is visible through the flimsy outer cover. mopping it up does no good. yesterday i spilt half a cup of coffee on the chair when i wasnt in it - i spent 20 pressing towels into it uselessly, then had to transfer into my damp chair so i could got to the washing machine, where i had to wash both the cover and my jeans. i was lucky enough to be home yesterday, but usually im out in public when i do bone headed stuf like tip drinks into my lap.

    is there somewhere that makes waterproof/breathable custom covers, like gore-tex, or even neoprene might be an option? it has to be custom as im a weird size, 14w, 18d, with a taper.

    thanks, amy

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    I have a sport, and I just took the t-shirt like material off of it...and used the cushion cover. You could also probably buy a cover that is used on the slimline version of cushion in your size if you call them.
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      i have a jay 2 cushion they make an incontinent cover im sure you can get one for your cushion as well
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        I just take the cover off and use a nylon cover from a foam cushion.