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Please help me fix my sideguards!

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    Please help me fix my sideguards!

    Well, my sideguards are not broken, but they are causing a lot of hassle lately.
    The problem is that they keep moving outwards - so much so that they end up touching my wheels, which of course hinders propulsion.

    I have a Quickie Argon. The sideguards are removeable ( they are made of plastic). What's happening is that the things which are attached to each side of my chair - into which the guards slot - move, even though my bf keeps tightening them.

    The only reason I can think of it that it's my thighs which are pressing on the guards and moving them, but when I put my hands between my thighs and the guards, the pressure doesn't feel huge - it doesn't seem like enough to be moving them. I have put on some weigh since I got this chair, though.

    Has anyone got any ideas of what I could do to permanently fix the guard-holders?

    I have had the same problem. The bracket which holds the side guards has a bolt underneth the seat of the wheelchair. I just moved the guards back to the correct place and tightened the bolt as much as humanly possible. Eventually the plastic side guards cracked. I built ones made out of aluminum and that solved the problem. The main cause is that your chair is too small. Once you get a bigger chair the problem will go away.


      I had the same problem w/my Quickie's a poor matter how much you tighten it, they rotate out...And, NO Kris, my chair was not too small, it was too big by 1 1/2"...

      The holders rotate on the frame, they don't clamp down enough, maybe if you had something you could put between the holder & frame to prevent the slippage that might help...something like a piece of rubber or non-slip material maybe. A piece of an old worn(or Thera-band might work also...
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        I had the same problem once before, pretty much what Brokenwing said. I ended up switching to a more solid guard in the end though. You can tighten the bolts as much as you want, you'll only thread it in the end


          I tried leaving them off my new chair when I ordered it and honestly I haven't missed them. The only thing is I have to zip jackets/etc up if I'm moving around a lot.

          Just a thought.


            Thanks for the replies.

            Kris - I really can't afford to go wider with the seat, as I won't be able to go anywhere if I do! (I already have a 19" seat - no way am I going bigger).
            And after seeing Broknwing's post, I'm even more convinced it isn't down to my chair being too small.

            Today, getting out of the car and into my chair was enough to knock the one guard right out again (after it had just been put right) - the holder should have been able to take that.

            'Chelle - oh, so Quickies are known for this problem? Me and my bf are going to try your suggestion of putting something between the holders and the frame tomorrow. We are thinking of using a bit of a vinyl glove (!).
            I don't have any Therabands.

            Gendo - you mean you changed chairs, or just the guards?
            Yeah, we are worrying about threading - the holders have been tightened so many times now, it seems it's bound to happen eventually, unless a permanent solution is found.

            Scott - I cannot do without guards, as I will be in danger of my thighs coming into contact with the wheels.


              It might be due to your transfers. You might be throwing yourself too far to the side when getting into your chair. Thats how mine get loose.

              Good luck!


                I had this problem with Quickie and Top End. Its just a poor design that all the companies have. If you have a few extra bucks, Quickie now makes an aluminum guard that bolts at the bottom and at the back support. This keeps the guard from shifting outward. Maybe try to copy this design in a homemade version if you are handy?

                I used to just crank the bolt as tight as humanly possible. Maybe add some Loctite?



                  I have a Quickie GT and have the same issues. We just tighten them as needed. I try to avoid using them, and they are a pain in the neck to put in and take out whem transferring, so I only use them when the weather is sloppy. (I can get away without them as long as I am careful to center myself in the seat just so .... I just clear the wheels. Same size seat .... you aren't alone, lol). 'Chelle's idea sounds good to me, let me know if it helps.
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                    I put a spacer in the clamp that mounts them to my quickie gt frame and have not had a problem since. it took me a long time to figure something out, frustrating to say the least. I thought it was just me. but now i dont have any issues.


                      keps - I changed to a bigger, I guess more heavy duty solid guard, because I couldnt stand the flimsy little plastic ones getting knocked out so much (I'm on a 20" seat, so going bigger isnt an option either).....spacing out the clamp sounds like the best option though


                        Originally posted by sledhockeygirl
                        I used to just crank the bolt as tight as humanly possible.
                        Be careful when doing this...I had the same problem...went in and tightened the much so that I broke the bolt! Now I have to wait until the new brackets are delivered.

                        Locktite (do not know if I spelled that right) in combination with tightening the bolt may do the trick. I personally want to use gorilla glue to see what happens. It says it will bond metal to metal...and it is waterproof. What do I have to loose besides the skin on my hips???
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                          I've heard of this problem happening with side guards, that's why I put off getting them for ages. The ones I did eventually wind up with were the ones for quickie - but they're the aluminum sliding ones. They can't rotote, and they're very solid. You might be able to find a pair on ebay?


                            i fixed mine on my 2hp by removing the brackets, putting a drop of gorilla glue on ea. half and re-assembling them with some thread-loc in the more movin.....


                              This thread has really helped me.

                              I tried 'Chelle's suggestion of the rubber - unfortunately, the guard I tried it on still moved. But I hope it works for you if you try it, Sjean.

                              And sjean - it's good to know of another female in a 19" seat.

                              So, after seeing glue mentioned by sledhockeygirl, Wheeliecoach and justadildo, I've tried that (just on the worst guard for now) - and fingers crossed, but the guard hasn't moved since.

                              Herco - well, transfers weren't helping. But today, I just wondered what would happen if I pushed the guard - and it moved easily. I wasn't even pushing hard. So I'm certain it's a fault with the chair, as others have said.

                              Jeannette - if the glue proves not to be a permanent solution (but I'm hoping it is), aluminium guards are going to be my next step.

                              Thanks again guys!