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    Anyone figure out a way to stabilize your toilet and keep it from becoming loose at the base assembly and rocking back in forth (during transfers) after a period of time? It seems every six months or so I have to pull toilet back up, replace ring, etc. Is there a kit/hardware one can purchase that does a better job at holding toilet in place?

    I hope I explained that correctly.
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    Are you bedding the rim of the commode base in a bead of plumber's putty as part of the installation? Tightening the nuts properly and checking to make sure they are staying tight?

    Do you have the optimum grab bar arrangement for your needs? Sounds like there's a lot of lateral stress (side to side rocking) on those bolts. I have to re-tighten the seat bolts constantly because I drag sideways when I transfer on and off the seat. Never happened when I was skinny. lol

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      I kind know where you are coming from on that, I dont think that joint design is made for the side loading a SCI person makes on a toilet when doing typical transfers. My toilet is shoved off to one side, no leaks yet, but I'm sure it isnt 'right'.

      Now how to fix this. If you dont anticipate EVER removing the toilet again, get some of this at Home Depot. Urethane adhesives are the strongest made, and glue that toilet down. Fills in any gaps, and you will have to break apart that toilet to remove it and get a grinder out to remove the urethane it is that good. A little extreme? For a good base building if you have rocking due to a joint/floor mismatch, you could use this stuff too, but put down wax paper on the floor so that it doesnt stick to the floor. 24-48 hours it will be solid and form-fitting. FYI, this stuff is a brown version of the stuff car windshields are glued in with, so you know it is good. Good luck.


        if you're using wax rings, stop!...use a silicone ring, more expensive but won't smush down like wax...wax is made for even distribution of weight, transfers defeat that design