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Rolli-Moden Clothes/going out of busuness sale

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    Rolli-Moden Clothes/going out of busuness sale

    I got this email last night. I found Rolli this year and now they're going out of business. They have the only jeans that I can wear. When I wear them I feel kinda normal again. Anyway... it's a close out sale. So, get it cheap while you can.

    Dear Jospeh

    It is with great sadness that we have to announce that Rolli Company
    will be closing its doors by the end of 2006. For years you have been
    our friends and depended so it pains us that we won't be able to be
    there for you any longer. Some of you are aware of other companies
    such as Everest & Jennings, and Avenues that were unable to sustain
    business in manufacturing and distribution of clothing for the disabled market.

    Because we have been supported by our parent company in Germany, we
    have been in the US for ten years. The same jeans that we offer in
    the US for $65.00, at the time of this writing with the exchange rate
    being 1.27 Euros to one dollar, retail in Germany for $101.47.
    Although many think that our prices are high, we do not pass that
    difference on to our customers but try to make up the difference by
    not using any dealers.

    For the RolliRockers that we make in this country, we have to make
    small quantities in comparison to the larger companies. Our
    production runs are often put off until last or squeezed in between
    other production runs of thousands. With our quantities comparatively
    small, we don't receive good prices on materials or findings. Not
    wanting to take jobs away from those in the US and not wanting to
    take advantage of laborers in third world countries, our labor costs
    are high compared to those that choose to contract all of their labor
    off shore.

    We will sell the merchandise that we currently have in stock at
    reduced prices. The Rolli Company in Germany will not be able to
    service our US customers because, as stated above, their prices are
    so much higher and there are the issues of customs, duties, and
    shipping. You are welcome to call us at 800-707-2395 to see what we
    have in stock or just to say farewell to an old friend. Because we
    are going out of business, all sales will be final and we won't be
    able to accept any returns. Website

    God bless,

    thats weird. i just called an ordered some gloves a couple days ago. they said nothing about going out of business and i didn't get any discount price either.

    maybe shoulda waited till today to order.


      This is a drag I have purchased their pants for several years.


        I just bought some jeans for 39 bucks, they used to be 65. Not everything is on sale. Too bad, their products were very useful.
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          this really SUX. finally found some quad gloves i actually like an after a couple years they close down.

          just got the 2 pair i ordered before hearing they were closing down yesterday. figured i'd better buy a couple more pair to last me awhile..........SOLD OUT!!!!!

          i'm bummed, depressed, saddened, lost, blah blah blah...waa waa waa.

          guess i have another excuse to be on the computer all the time again. "glove searchin"


            It sucks they are going out of business but I've never ordered from them mainly because their clothes are very dated and ugly. Not meant to offend anybody here but they probably would have done better if they followed current styles a bit more.


              There is another site called USA Jeans that make wheelchair jeans. I was going to order some this week. Will let you know how I like them



                Thanks, lowridwer. I'd be very interested to know how their jeans are.


                  Hello, This is my first time to this forum (or any chat room or forum). I have some info on USA wheelchair Jeans. The business started in 1995 and we have made and sold over 10,000 pairs of pants. About 95% of our customers are very happy with the standard pants designed for sitting. A small percentage of customers find themselves in between our standard sizes. We do make custom pants to try our best to satisfy those that cannot be fit "off the shelf". We have been trying to grow to keep pants on the shelf for quick delivery, but are currently making the pants as we get the orders. We hope to increase our sales volume in the next year and be able to stock more pants for quicker deilvery. I hope that we can be of service to those who enjoyed the benefits of Rolli's pants. The website is Sincerly, Jeff, President of USA Jeans


                    I wrote a USA Jeans a few weeks back and did not get a response. I am interested in buying the thigh pocket jeans that rolli sold, which I discovered just before they went out of business and could only buy one pair. I would like to buy another one. They are very convenient since you can put a bunch of things securely on those pockets.
                    T6 complete (or so I think), SCI since September 21, 2003


                      USA Jeans

                      If you call Darlene at 800-935-5170 or send her an email at, I am confident that you can make what you need. I will send her an email now to let her know that you may be contacting her. Thanks, Jeff


                        This is a copy of what I wrote a while back, I´ll contact her again. Thanks.

                        I bought from rolli moden these jeans with what they call thigh pockets.

                        I would like to try yours with exactly the same design. Is it possible??

                        I believe my waist size is 40, but I like them loose. Length is 34 inches.

                        Please quote price and delivery. Below please find rolli´s photo.

                        T6 complete (or so I think), SCI since September 21, 2003


                          Sent two e-mails to BUY stuff. No response from them. I would not like to have paid for stuff and get no responses from them. They lack customer service in my opinion.
                          T6 complete (or so I think), SCI since September 21, 2003


                            I bought a pair of pants from them and had to return them for a different size (not sure of size when I ordered). It took about a week for each shipping, but it was around Christmas time. I was very pleased with the product and service.

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                              I've never had a problem with usa jeans either. I've bought and exchanged a few times with no problems.