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    ZRc & ZRa

    Other than price and in plain english - what is the difference between the ZRc and the ZRa? And are spinergies worth it?

    ... thinking about a new chair ... but I've never owned a rigid before
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    ZRA has some basic adjustability built in. Adjustability options in th ZRA includes axle position, front caster angle, backrest height, backrest angle, & foldable backrest.

    These all can be fixed welds on the ZRC, but you still will have about 1.5 inches of adjustament in the axle position.

    If you know exactly what you want & never need to change it, order the ZRC. Otherwise get a ZRA.

    Ti can make anything. So you could order some items fixed & some adjustable.

    Of course, so can eagle. But eagle chairs are always custom built.


      Spinergies are definately worth it Lynnifer, once you get into a rigid chair you'll wonder why you didn't make the switch sooner.


        Just to clarify

        Lynnifer, I think you are talking about two different things:

        There are two models of this chair: ZR and ZRA. Ditto what everyone else has said. ZR has fixed center of gravity and fixed dump. Both of these are adjustable on the ZRA.

        Both chairs can have the C option, which is an extra $150-200 depending on who you buy from. So, you can have a ZRc or a ZRAc

        The C option lets you have a v shaped front end (footplate and front hanger angle narrower than the seat), and/or a tapered seat.

        For example, I have a ZRAc (love it!) My seat measurement is 14" wide in the back, and tapers to 10." With my tapered seat cushion all you see are my legs--you can barely see the cushion in front (see my avatar). I like the asthetics of that. My footplate tapers down even further to 8" wide. So, essentially my chair is V shaped like me: muscular up top, tapering down for my skinny little legs and feet. It actually makes my atrophy look kind of sexy, if you can believe that!

        Hope this clears it up a little. Get this chair. You will not regret it. This chair changed my life. No exaggeration. And yes, spinergies are definitely worth it. Check out the LX's. They rock.
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          I always though the 'c' version was a tapered seat and you could get v'ed front in any version chair (or at least on the TR). I dont know about you, but I have yet to adjust any chair beyond intial setup. I would do the ZR version, less hardware (more steel bolts adding weight on the 'a'), and not as refined looking with the adjustable stuff on it. I have a set of spinergys and a set of regular wheels for my extra chair. In comparison the spinegys are lighter (been I while since I compared though and those also have regular tires instead of the vtracks on my spinergys, but I think the marketing point is something like 1/2 the weight?). The main thing I like about them is there is less spokes, so it is 100x easier for me to yank the wheels off the chair when breaking it down without jamming my fingers into a spoke, and with them being black, they look less goofy I think than standard wheels. The hub is a little higher rent looking being aluminum vs steel. If you are going Ti, why not go top notch, right? LOL One last thing, make sure you order it with a 'reinforced' frame. Not sure how they are making frames now, but I got a TR frame that I cracked in 1 month due to the backrest bolt holes just drilled into the frame vs. having gusseted holes on the replacement frame I got to replace it (hey, I just realized I still have that frame too, make that 1.5 extra chairs! ) Maybe they are shipping all of them 'reinforced' now as I can imagine the returns they might have had with that massive stress riser bare hole they origionally used.